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Whether it is a congenital defect, burns, breast reconstruction, a craniofacial anomaly, trauma injuries, malignancies, and more, you will be seeking the help of an expert plastic surgeon either via your health fund or as a private patient.
Important information from the Home Front Command - Pikud HaOref. Safety Guidelines for Rocket Fire. There is always a constant and real threat of  war in Israel.  It's part of...
What is best for the Israeli household? A regular, upright, portable vacuum cleaner or a robot vacuum?


Aliyah Stories & Experiences

Aliyah stories, experiences, insights & reflections The unique and individual stories of your friends; olim and expats who chose to make Israel their new home   Lynette...

Misrad HaKlitah: Ministry of Aliyah and Integration – Information Call Center

The Ministry of Aliyah and Immigrant Absorption - contact the call center for Aliyah information on a wide range of topics. Call center reps

Aliyah & Relocation Downsizing

Downsizing before your Aliyah or relocation   The decision has finally been made. A date has been set for you Aliyah or relocation. You are super...


Association Between Acculturation Variables & Life Satisfaction Among Israeli Immigrants from Four English-Speaking Countries. Zlotnick et al

Surviving Aliyah

Living in Israel is Hard, Leaving is Harder By: Jessica Fishman When I first made aliyah my hope and idealism were so strong that I though...

Worldwide Jewish Population

The Worldwide Jewish Population stands at 15.2 million. Nearly 7 million Jews live in Israel and over 8 million live outside of Israel.

Leah’s Aliyah Story

Sweetcorn Fritters Recipe

Barebecue Recipes

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Kibbutz Visa

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Hebrew Slang – Video

Have fun learning Hebrew with our video of common slang words. The easiest and best way to learn Hebrew slang is by watching videos. You can learn a lot about a culture...

Pay your Electricity Bill Online – Video

Instructional video: Paying your Israel electricity bill online Here is a step-by-step instructional video with details for paying the Hevrat HaHashmal - Israel Electric Corporation - bi-monthly electricity bill online. https://youtu.be/dzpC2P0KN24 More...

Enjoying a Day in Jerusalem.

Places of interest, off the beaten track & fun things in Jerusalem for the whole family. Hebrew: טיולים וסיורים בירושלים The Soreq (Sorek) Cave At the heart...

Best attractions in Be’er Sheva & the Negev

Visiting Be'er Sheva & the Negev Hebrew: טיולים בבאר שבע   Beer Sheva the largest city in the Negev desert in Southern Israel. Often referred to as the...

Israel Tourist Visa Requirements.

Regulations regarding tourist visas for Israel. There are 65 countries around the world that have a visa waiver agreement with Israel and nationals thereof can...