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Assuming you fit the required criteria, you must apply for a Kibbutz Volunteer Visa. Once your Volunteer Visa is approved, you have
Digitally storing customer/client information could expose you to civil and criminal legal proceedings. Your legal obligations include



Aliyah & Relocation to Israel: The Shipping Container.

What can you fit in a 20 foot (6 meter) shipping container?   When shipping a container, the cost of shipping is not based on volume,...

What not to bring on Aliyah

What not to bring on Aliyah to Israel - 7 suggested items. There is no end of lists that tell you what you should bring...

Covid-19 in Israel’s Retirement Homes

My experience of Covid-19 in one of Israel's retirement homes and elder-care facilities. By: Lynette Karp (Resident at Beth Protea - Herzliah) My husband and I...

Israel Personal Imports: Television, Routers & Receivers

Personal Imports into Israel: Television, Routers & Receivers. Israel consumers are exempt from obtaining a personal import license for televisions, routers and receivers.   Israel Personal Imports:...

Shipping to Israel for Aliyah.

Things you can bring in your Israel Aliyah shipment. Hebrew: עליה לישראל - הובלה לישראל Aliyah Shipping Rights and Import Benefits Aliyah shipping rights allow an Oleh...

Shipping to Israel for Aliyah & Relocation

Shipping to Israel for Aliyah & Relocation Bringing a Car to Israel Shipping a car to Israel. Should I bring a car to Israel or should...

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Video Gallery

Video Gallery The Rachbalit - Haifa's new cable car https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kO69etrZ64U 2022 - Israel's 74th Independence Day. Jerusalem light show 7 favorite Hebrew slang words and phrases and their meanings Paying your municipal property taxes...

Hebrew Slang – Video

Have fun learning Hebrew with our video of common slang words. The easiest and best way to learn Hebrew slang is by watching videos. You can learn a lot about a culture...

Covid 19 – Color codes by country – orange & yellow (no more red).

Covid-19 color codes by country for Israel travelers. Update: As of October 3rd, 2021 the travel ban to the remaining red countries will be lifted....

Israel travel ban has been lifted for all countries.

Israel Covid travel ban was lifted on 7.01.22 at 00.01am. Israelis can now travel to any country that welcomes Israeli travelers. Foreigners

Tips for Booking a Holiday Online

20 of the most useful tips for booking a cheaper holiday online. With the peak summer holiday season around the corner, you can still get...