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What is best for the Israeli household? A regular, upright, portable vacuum cleaner or a robot vacuum?
Honey Cake - A Traditional Favorite for Rosh Hashanah Hebrew: עוגת דבש I like honey cake to be moist and remain so even a few days after baking -- it should...
Interesting facts about Rosh Hashanah symbols - 'simanim'. Simanim Le Rosh Hashanah - סימנים לראש השנה   Rosh HaShanah (ראש השנה) the Jewish New Year is celebrated on the 1st and...


Legal Separation

Jewish Marriage in Israel

Infidelity in Marriage

Aliyah Documents & Paperwork

Documents Needed for Aliyah Prepare the paperwork! At least one month before your Aliyah or Relocation would be a good time to start collecting certificates, degrees,...

What not to bring on Aliyah

What not to bring on Aliyah to Israel - 7 suggested items. There is no end of lists that tell you what you should bring...

What I love about Israel. (Besides all the obvious).

What I love about Israel (Besides all the obvious) By Carol Ann Givati Carol is a new Olah from South Africa.  After living in Haifa for...

The Filipino Community in Israel.

Israel's Filipino Community. The content and images for this article about the Filipino community in Israel have kindly been contributed by The Philippine Embassy in...

Choosing a cooktop for Israel

When making Aliyah, it sometimes makes more sense to leave one's old, small appliances behind and buy new in Israel. Smaller homes

Covid-19 in Israel’s Retirement Homes

My experience of Covid-19 in one of Israel's retirement homes and elder-care facilities. By: Lynette Karp (Resident at Beth Protea - Herzliah) My husband and I...

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Paying Arnona Online – Video

Paying your Israel municipal property taxes - Arnona - online. Welcome to our step-by-step instructional video showing you how to pay your municipal property taxes - Arnona - online. https://youtu.be/f8jpyTkMpP4 Arnona...

Pay your Electricity Bill Online – Video

Instructional video: Paying your Israel electricity bill online Here is a step-by-step instructional video with details for paying the Hevrat HaHashmal - Israel Electric Corporation - bi-monthly electricity bill online. https://youtu.be/dzpC2P0KN24 More...

Haifa Hotels

New hotels have sprung up in Haifa's mid-town and down-town, along the beach-front, near the convention center and MATAM as well as in the

Touring treasures and attractions in Northern Israel

Top Touring Treasures in the North. Hebrew: טיולים בצפון   Northern Israel is a popular holiday and day-trip destination for Israelis.  In the spring wild flowers are...

10 Essential Travel Tips for your Israel Vacation.

10 of the best travel tips while in Israel. Its easy to forget essential supplies when packing for a trip. While you are planning your trip...