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Save on household energy costs with our 15 top tips for saving electricity in winter in Israel. עצות לחסוך בחשמל בחורף
Israel's seniors, 70-years and older are exempt from setting up an appointment for the post office ahead of time. פטור מתור - Ptor M'Tor is



Aliyah Story: David – Israel via Iran, Syria, Kuwait & Moscow

Israel via Iran, Syria, Kuwait & Moscow.  The story of David the "Wandering Jew" By: David Reid For most of my life, I have been the...

Hebrew to English Translation of the Property Tax Bill – Arnona

Learn Hebrew - Hebrew to English Translation of the Arnona Bill (Municipal Property Tax). This is the Rehovot regional council Arnona bill. Your Arnona bill,...

Oleh Olah Olim

Oleh / Olah / Olim (What are olims?). Learn the Hebrew language. Oleh, Olah, Olim, Vatik, Vatika, Vatikim - without a doubt, Hebrew is a difficult...

Aliyah over 50

Seniors - 10 things to know about Aliyah if you're over 50. By: Adv. Jay Hait You’ve worked most of your adult life, paying into social...

Aliyah Sotry: Israel Cured Aaron Goldhammer

Israel Cured Me By: Aaron Goldhammer Nine years ago, when I was 19,  I got my 3rd right shoulder dislocation while playing water polo. So like...

Worldwide Jewish Population

The Worldwide Jewish Population stands at 15.2 million. Nearly 7 million Jews live in Israel and over 8 million live outside of Israel.

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Paying your Water Bill Online – Video

Instructional video: Paying your Israel water bill online - a step-by-step guide. It's now easier than ever to pay your bi-monthly Israel water bill online. Follow these step-by-step instructions...

Pay your Electricity Bill Online – Video

Instructional video: Paying your Israel electricity bill online Here is a step-by-step instructional video with details for paying the Hevrat HaHashmal - Israel Electric Corporation - bi-monthly electricity bill online. https://youtu.be/dzpC2P0KN24 More...

Israel Tourist Visa Requirements.

Regulations regarding tourist visas for Israel. There are 65 countries around the world that have a visa waiver agreement with Israel and nationals thereof can...

Jerusalem City Tour Bus – Route 99

Jerusalem Panoramic City Tour Bus Route No. 99 Hebrew: תחבורה ציבורית בירושלים קו 99   When traveling in Israel,  you should take in one of...

Sun protection tips for Israel

Protect your skin from sunburn under the harsh Israeli sun. Sun protection tips for Israel.   It's beach weather again and fun-filled weekends hiking and being outdoors...