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Friday, December 2, 2022


Register for the November 21 webinar: Traps to avoid when navigating the Israeli Bureaucracy for your healthcare, tax, and welfare benefits
Metronit 5 & 5A - Two New Public Transport Lines for Haifa Travelers Commencing October 7, 2022



Aliyah: The Craziest Decision I Ever Made — And I love it

Aliyah: The Craziest Decision I Ever Made -- And I love it By:  Moshe  A few months ago, I left my family, friends, my whole world...

Aliyah & Relocation Downsizing

Downsizing before your Aliyah or relocation   The decision has finally been made. A date has been set for you Aliyah or relocation. You are super...

What I love about Israel. (Besides all the obvious).

What I love about Israel (Besides all the obvious) By Carol Ann Givati Carol is a new Olah from South Africa.  After living in Haifa for...

After Aliyah

If you've made it to this section of the website it means that you have probably overcome many of the initial Aliyah or relocation hurdles.

Israel’s Bahai Community

The Bahai Community Living in Israel. Hebrew: קהילת הבהאים בישראל The Bahais in Israel Jews, Muslims, Christians and Druze live in Haifa as do most of the...

Courses for English Speakers in Israel.

Study in Israel in English Universities, International Schools, Academic Programs, Courses & Other Options Hebrew: לימודים וקורסים בשפה האנגלית As a new oleh you may have to...

Must Read


Video Gallery

Video Gallery The Rachbalit - Haifa's new cable car https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kO69etrZ64U 2022 - Israel's 74th Independence Day. Jerusalem light show 7 favorite Hebrew slang words and phrases and their meanings Paying your municipal property taxes...

Instructional video: Pay your Israel electricity bill online

Step-by-step instructions for paying the Hevrat HaHashmal (Israel Electric Corporation) household electricity bill online.     Transcript Welcome to another Anglo-List  video – Paying your Israel electricity bill online.  We know how difficult it...


Must-visit, best beaches in Israel. The State of Israel lies on 4 bodies of water; The Mediterranean Sea on the West, the Red Sea near...

Israel’s Top National Parks & Nature Reserves

Top 10 National Parks, Nature Reserves & the Israel National Trail Hebrew: פארקים וגנים לאומיים Israel boasts some wonderful national parks. The KKL - Keren Kayemet...

Israel family-friendly attractions

Fun things to do! Some of Israel's kid- and family-friendly attractions and activities for vacation time. Your kids get bored easily and you are looking...