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Register for the November 21 webinar: Traps to avoid when navigating the Israeli Bureaucracy for your healthcare, tax, and welfare benefits
Save on household energy costs with our 15 top tips for saving electricity in winter in Israel. עצות לחסוך בחשמל בחורף



Misrad HaKlitah: Ministry of Aliyah and Integration – Information Call Center

The Ministry of Aliyah and Immigrant Absorption - contact the call center for Aliyah information on a wide range of topics. Call center reps


Household maintenance information and tips. Cleaning tips and secrets to save your carpets Calling a repairman and dealing with household repairs in Israel. Who...

Aliyah & Living in Tel Mond – Mevaser Zion

Is your Aliyah destination the Tel Mond -  Mevaser Zion community? Located just 15 minutes from Raanana and 10 minutes from the beaches of Netanya,...

The cost of living in Israel. How much?

What is the real cost of living in Israel? When I make Aliyah, will I have to dip into my savings every month? Hebrew:כמה עולה...

The Filipino Community in Israel.

Israel's Filipino Community. The content and images for this article about the Filipino community in Israel have kindly been contributed by The Philippine Embassy in...

Courses for English Speakers in Israel.

Study in Israel in English Universities, International Schools, Academic Programs, Courses & Other Options Hebrew: לימודים וקורסים בשפה האנגלית As a new oleh you may have to...

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Video Gallery

Video Gallery The Rachbalit - Haifa's new cable car https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kO69etrZ64U 2022 - Israel's 74th Independence Day. Jerusalem light show 7 favorite Hebrew slang words and phrases and their meanings Paying your municipal property taxes...

Hebrew Slang – Video

Have fun learning Hebrew with our video of common slang words. The easiest and best way to learn Hebrew slang is by watching videos. You can learn a lot about a culture...

TRAVEL & TOUR ISRAEL: Attractions & Places of Interest

Best places to travel and tour in Israel. Sites, attractions and tips. Winter, spring, summer or fall, weekends and festivals, museums, hikes, beaches and fun...

Tips for Booking a Holiday Online

20 of the most useful tips for booking a cheaper holiday online. With the peak summer holiday season around the corner, you can still get...

Israel travel ban has been lifted for all countries.

Israel Covid travel ban was lifted on 7.01.22 at 00.01am. Israelis can now travel to any country that welcomes Israeli travelers. Foreigners