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Covid 19 – Color codes by country – red, orange and yellow

Covid-19 color codes by country for Israel travelers. The Israel Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are responsible for releasing health/travel notices...

Israel Elder Care During Covid-19

Making Aliyah and retiring in Israel during the Covid-19 Coronavirus crisis. If you are a retiree and considering making Aliyah, planning on bringing your parents...

Hakafot – Sukkot & Simchat Torah

Hakafot - A joyous celebration What are Hakafot? Hakafot (הקפות plural) Hakafah (הקפה singular) Meaning " circle" or "going around" in Hebrew. Hakafot are a Jewish Minhag (custom) in...

The Four Species – Arba’at Haminim

The symbolism of the Four Species at Sukkot. Hebrew: Arba'at Haminim - ארבעת המינים The Four Species include: The Palm Leaf - LulavThe myrtle - HadasWillow -...

Disconnecting from TV, phone and internet services

How do I disconnect from local Israeli TV, phone and internet services? Whether you can get a better deal elsewhere or just fed up with...

Eilat – The Best Scuba Diving Spot in Israel

Scuba diving & snorkeling in Eilat. Have you ever dreamed of swimming in crystal clear, blue waters surrounded by colorful fish? If yes,...

Rental Assistance for Olim

Monthly rental assistance for Olim from the Ministry of of Aliyah & Immigrant Absorption as part of immigrant's absorption basket - sal klitah.

English Theater in Israel

Plenty of English Theater in Israel If you think there isn't, there actually is plenty of English theater in Israel. Center Stage - Raanana Olim, Daniella and...

List of Cinemas in Israel.

What's playing at Israel's cinemas? Now that covid regulations allow us to, it is absolutely the best time to go to the cinema and...

Choosing a cooktop for Israel

Which way to go when choosing a cooktop for Israel; gas, electric, ceramic or induction? Hebrew: ?איך בוחרים כִּירַיִם לישראל Sometimes, when making Aliyah, it makes...

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