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ALIYAHIsrael's LGBT Community.

Israel’s LGBT Community.

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Last Updated on November 22, 2021

LGBT Israel – Resources for Olim & Internationals.


Resources for Israel’s LGBT Community

Tel Aviv LGBT English-Speakers Group – Part of Israel’s National LGBT Task-force

Facebook: https://facebook.com/LGBTEnglish.Speakers
Email: english_speakers@glbt.org.il

Coming Out, Coming Home – A Jewish Agency project introducing LGBT olim to veterans and Israelis

Facebook: https://facebook.com/groups/ComingOutComingHome
Email: cochtlv@gmail.com

English-Speakers Group at the Jerusalem Open House

Facebook: https://facebook.com/groups/JOHEnglishgroup

AngLez – A Facebook group for Anglo lesbians across Israel

Facebook: https://facebook.com/groups/AngLez

The Aguda – Israel’s National GLBT Task-force

Website: https://glbt.org.il
Email: office@glbt.org.il

Jerusalem Open House

Website: https://joh.org.il
Facebook: https://facebook.com/JOH.ENG.Speakers

Israeli Gay Youth – A support organization for LGBT teens

Website: https://igy.org.il
Email: office@igy.org.il

Tehila – Israel’s PFLAG (Parents and family of Lesbians and Gays)

Website: https://tehila.org.il

Havruta – Group for religious gay men

Facebook: https://facebook.com/Havruta.IL
Website: https://havruta.org.il/
Email: info@havruta.org.il

Bat-Kol – Group for religious lesbians

Website: https://www.bat-kol.org/english
Email: info@bat-kol.org

Hoshen – LGBT center for Education and Change

Website: https://www.hoshen.org
Email: office@hoshen.org

The Tel Aviv Gay Center

Website: https://gaycenter.org.il
Email: gaycenteril@gmail.com

Israel AIDS Task-force

Website: https://www.aidsisrael.org.il
Facebook: https://facebook.com/IsraelAIDStaskforce


 Website: https://lgbtolim.org/
 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LGBTOlime
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