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Volunteer Organizations in Israel

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Last Updated on November 5, 2021

Volunteer opportunities in Israel.

volunteer in israel

There are hundreds of volunteer opportunities in Israel and volunteering is an excellent way for new immigrants (olim) to integrate and immerse themselves into the community and culture.  Meet Israelis from all backgrounds, learn and improve your Hebrew language skills, make contacts for possible employment opportunities and and first and foremost, do something good for the community.  Here is a list of some of the many organizations and social services you can volunteer with.  Google their contact details, call them and ask them how to go about joining their programs as a volunteer.  Don’t despair – non-profit organizations in Israel generally have some English speaking staff members you can talk to.


  • A Roof for Israel’s Demobilized Soldier
  • Achy: The Unity of Israeli Society
  • Adam LeAdam: International Humanitarian Aid
  • Advice and Guidance for Citizens in Tel Aviv-Yaffo
  • AHADA: Association of Parents of Disabled Children on Kibbutzim
  • AITAL: The Organization for the Support of the Handicapped
  • AKIM-Jerusalem – Association for the Rehabilitation of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities
  • Alin: Israel Society For Disabled Children
  • ALON
  • ALUT: The Israeli Society for Autistic Children
  • Animal Society in Israel
  • Association of Hagana Veterans
  • Association for Civil Rights in Israel
  • Association for the Promotion of Education in Jaffa
  • Association for the Well-being of Israel’s Soldiers
  • Association of the Deaf in Israel
  • Attad: Assistance for the Institutionalized Elderly
  • AVIsrael


  • B’Maagalei Tzedek
  • B’TSELEM – Center For Human Rights in the Occupied Territories
  • Baladna: Association for Arab youth
  • Bat Ami: Voluntary National Service
  • Bekol: For Hard of Hearing and Deaf People
  • Besod Siach: Open Discussion Groups
  • Bet Hashanti: Open House for Youth
  • Betar: Youth Organization in the Name of Yosef Trumpeldor
  • Better Housing Association
  • Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Israel
  • Big Brothers/Big Sisters Jerusalem
  • Bizchut: Human Rights Center for People with Disabilities
  • Bnai Brith Israel
  • Bustan

C & D

  • Central Organization of Iranian Immigrants in Israel
  • CHEN: Patient Fertility Association
  • Courage to Refuse
  • Cystic Fibrosis Foundation of Israel
  • Defense for Children International: Israel
  • DROR: The Israeli Association for Housing Discharged Psychiatric Patients
  • Du Siach: For Better Understanding between Secular and Religious Jews

E & F

  • EFRAT: Encouragement of Childbirth among the Jewish People
  • EITAN: Israeli Association for Rare Diseases
  • ELAH: Center for Psycho-Social Support for Dutch Immigrants
  • EMUNHA: National Religious Women’s Organization
  • Eshed
  • Eshel: Planning and Development of Services for the Aging
  • Etgarim: Israel Association for the Disabled
  • Ezer Mizion: A Center for Aiding the Sick and Needy & Bone Marrow Registry
  • The Fidel Association for Education and Social Integration of Ethiopian Jews in Israel

G & H 

  • Gagon
  • Galilee Society
  • Givat Haviva: Education, Peace and Social Solidarity
  • GoEco: Volunteer in Israel
  • Hatzala
  • Hazon Yeshaya
  • Hillel: The Association for Those Who Leave to Question
  • House of Khoresh for Iranian Jews in Israel


  • IGA: Israel Growth and Development Association
  • ILAN: Israel Foundation For Handicapped Children
  • Irgun Noar Magen David Adom
  • Irgun Olei Holland: Association of Dutch Immigrants
  • Irgun Olei Merkaz Europa
  • Israel Association for Blind or Visually Impaired Children
  • Israel Association for Ethiopian Jews
  • Israel Association for the Advancement of Women’s Health
  • Israel Association of University Women
  • Israel Cancer Association
  • Israel Consumers Association: Independent Body
  • Israel Family Counseling Association
  • Israel Family Planning Association
  • Israel Free Loan Association (IFLA)
  • Israel Interfaith Association
  • Israel Multiple Sclerosis Society
  • Israel National Heart to Heart Association
  • Israel Organization of Work Accidents: Disabled Persons and Widows
  • Israel Psoriasis Association
  • Israel Society for the Prevention of Alcoholism
  • Israel Union for Environmental Defense

J, K & L

  • Janusz Korczak Association in Israel
  • Jerusalem Friends of Bikur Cholim Hospital
  • Juvenile Diabetes Foundation in Israel
  • Kedma
  • Kesher
  • Legal Assistance: Pro Bono
  • Let the Animals Live
  • Light of the World
  • Lone Soldiers in Israel

M, N & O

  • MASA Israel Journey
  • Metuna
  • National Organization of Jews from Kurdistan in Israel
  • National Service for Adults
  • Nemashim: Arab-Jewish Theater Community
  • One Family Fund
  • One in Nine
  • Or Laolam
  • Or Shalom Children’s Homes
  • Or Yarok (Green Light)
  • Organization for the Protection of Tenant’s Rights

P, Q & R

  • Paths of Redemption for the People of Israel
  • Person to Person: Friend
  • Round Table Israel
  • Ruach Tova

S, T & U

  • S.O.S for Animals
  • SFK: Spirituality for Kids
  • SHAI: Society for the Rehabilitation and Support of Disabled Children
  • Shema: Hearing Impaired Children and Youth
  • Shilo: Association for Promoting Services for the Elderly in Haifa
  • Shlomit: National Service Placement Organization
  • Shomra: For a Healthy Environment
  • Society for Patient’s Rights in Israel
  • Society for the Blind & Prevention of Blindness – Haifa
  • Table to Table
  • Tahala: Hotline for those in Need
  • Tehilla: Voluntary Union for Religious Aliyah
  • Telem: Employment for Senior Citizens
  • The Israel Mental Health Association
  • The Organization of Italian Jews
  • Tlalim: Educational Support for the Sick Child
  • Tishma: For Children with Autism
  • Tolerance Movement for Prevention of Violence in Israel
  • Transparency International in Israel
  • Umbrella Organization of Associations for the Disabled in Israel
  • Union of Bukharian Jews In Israel
  • United Ethiopian Jewish Organization

V, W, X, Y & Z

  • Voluntary Blood Donors Organization in Israel
  • Women’s Israel ORT Organization
  • Yad B’Yad: Hand in Hand
  • Yad Eliezer
  • Yad Ezra V’Shulamit
  • Yashar Lachayal
  • Zichron Menachem


Learn Hebrew While Volunteering

Hebrew English & Transliterated Words & Phrases 

English Transliteration Hebrew
Disabled Nacheh נכה
Education Hinuch חינוך
First Aid Ezra Ri’sho’nah עזרה ראשונה
Mental Health Briut HaNefesh בריואת הנפש
Social Justice Tzedek Hevrati צדק חברתי
Social Services Revacha רווחה
Volunteer (noun) Mit’na’dev (mas) / Mit’na’de’vet (fem.) מתנדב/ת
Volunteer (inf.) Le’hit’na’dev להתנדב
Youth at risk Noar B’sikun נוער בסיכון


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