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Israel TransportIsrael Railways: Tel Aviv Jerusalem Train

Israel Railways: Tel Aviv Jerusalem Train

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Last Updated on October 27, 2021

Getting from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem on the new high-speed train.

December 2019 saw the opening of the new Tel Aviv to Jerusalem high-speed train which connects Tel Aviv’s Hahagana Station to Jerusalem’s Yitzhak Navon Station. 

The line was expected to be fully operational by 2008 but technical problems, malfunctions and shutdowns caused an unbelievable 11 year delay. 

The train reaches a speed of 160km/hour which means that travel time between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem is just under 30 minutes.  Great news for commuters who have to deal with incredible traffic jams every  single day while traveling to and from their place of employment.  Traveling by train between these two cities opens up many new opportunities – take in dinner and a show in Tel Aviv and in just 1/2 hour you can be back in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem Tel Aviv train trivia

Route distance:  56km of railway track

Tunnels:  This train travels through numerous tunnels as well as through Israel’s longest tunnel  which is 11.6km long.

The bridge:  This bridge, Israel’s longest, is 1.25km.  The bridge height is 90m – Israel’s highest

The train station: The Jerusalem Itzhak Navon Station was built 80m underground – the deepest railway station in Israel, and one of the deepest railway stations in the world.

Estimated final cost – between 7 – 9 billion shekels – more than double the original estimation.

Not all of the line is electrified and electrification on the line will continue until all of Tel Aviv’s four train stations are connected and also Herzliyah.

Route information

From the North (Nahariya station) to Jerusalem  with pickups in: Akko, Kiryat Motzkin, Kiryat Haim, Hutzot Hamifratz,, Mifratz Central, Hashmonah, Bat Galim, Hof HaCarmel, Atlit,  Binyamina,Tel Aviv University, Savidor, HaShalom,  HaHaganah and alight at Ben Gurion Airport.  At Ben Gurion Airport transfer to the train to Jerusalem.

Single, adult ticket price from Nahariya to Jerusalem: 54 NIS

From the South (Beer Sheva Center Station) to Jerusalem with pickups in: Beer Sheva University, Lehavim-Rahat, Kiryat Malahi, Mazkeret Batya, Ramla, Lod, Tel Aviv HaHaganah.  Alight at HaHaganah and transfer from platform 1 to platform 2 to get the connecting train. After HaHaganah station there are two stops; Ben Gurion University and then finally Jerusalem Yitzhak Navon

Single, adult, ticket price from Beer Sheva to Jerusalem: 35 NIS

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