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DrivingDrivers License Renewal for Seniors

Drivers License Renewal for Seniors

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Last Updated on January 5, 2022

Driver’s license renewal and health examinations for seniors in Israel.

drivers license renewal seniors

A reader’s question

My husband and I were reading about renewing our driving licenses and we wanted know if people like us (75 years old) are required to take a new driving test when we renew our driver’s license?


You are NOT required to retake your driver’s license but medical testing is required.

1. The eye test

In September 2017 it was decided to cancel the eye test for drivers aged 40+.

This means that from the age of 17 (from the time the license was obtained) to the age of 70 drivers in Israel are not required to undergo an eye test. (Without prejudice, this situation could lead to an escalation of road accidents)

2. The health examination

Drivers aged 40 to 59 are NOT required to take a health examination.

A driver over 60 years of age is required to undergo medical examination, in accordance with the type or classification of driver’s license held.

Drivers with type B license (non-professional private vehicles) are required to undergo medical examination every 5 years from the ages of 70-80 (and if you are still driving, from ages 80-120, every two years).

Professional drivers (including taxi drivers, buses and heavy vehicles) are required to undergo medical examination from the age of 60. From age 70, these drivers will be checked every two years.

The notice to undergo a health examination will be sent to your address 6 months prior to the renewal date.  If you do not receive it call the National Transportation Ministry’s hotline 5678

More info here….

The cost for the health examination is 632 NIS as set out by the Ministry of Health and can be paid online here…

More about the health examination

Seniors are more likely to have a chronic health condition and rules for the medical examination are laid out by the Israel Ministry of Transport. Specific rules are set out for seniors who are receiving health or disability allowances from Bituach Leumi (National Insurance)

Contacting the Ministry of Transport

For questions and inquiries, call the National Transportation Ministry’s hotline 5678

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