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ALIYAHWhere can I learn Hebrew? Ulpan Database

Where can I learn Hebrew? Ulpan Database

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Last Updated on November 9, 2021

Learn Hebrew: A countrywide list of Ulpanim in Israel

Hebrew: רשימת אולפנים בישראל


Ulpanim in Haifa & The North – 04

Ulpan  Neighborhood Morning or Evening
 Covered by Aliyah Benefit
Acco Acco morning Yes
Nahariya Nahariya morning/evening Yes
Home Ulpan Haifa No
University of Haifa Haifa morning No
Ulpan Etzion-HaNamal Haifa morning Yes
Mercaz Hachvana – Vocational Ulpan Haifa morning Yes
Ministry of Absorption Haifa Regional Ulpanim Haifa morning Yes
Kiryat HaNoar Kiryat Shmona morning Yes
Maálot Community Center Ma’alot morning/evening Yes
Katzrin Katzrin morning/evening Yes
Ulpan Zichron Yaakov Zichron Yaacov morning Yes
Nazeret Illit Nazeret Illit morning Yes
Tsemach Teveria, Lower Galil morning Yes
Tzefat Tzefat morning Yes
Migdal HaEmek Migdal HaEmek morning Yes
Ulpan Carmiel Karmiel, Misgav morning Yes
WIZO Afula Afula morning/evening Yes
Ulpan Emek Hayarden Yes

Central Israel – 09

Ulpan Neighborhood Morning or Evening  Covered by Aliyah Benefit
IDC-summer ulpan course Hertzliya morning Yes
Ulpan Israel  Raanana
Ra’anana Municipal Ulpan Raanana morning/evening No
Ulpan Raanana-Mercaz Klitah Raanana morning/evening Yes
Ulpan Ben – Leumi Netanya Netanya morning/evening Yes

Ulpanim in Tel Aviv & Surrounding Areas – 03

Ulpan  Neighborhood Morning or Evening  Covered by Aliyah Benefit
Aviv Bertele Hebrew Language Education Tel Aviv morning/afternoon & evening No
Hebrew Studies Center  (TA University campus) Tel Aviv morning No
Ulpan La-Inyan* Tel Aviv morning/evening No
Ulpan Aviv Tel Aviv/Jerusalem morning/afternoon
Ulpan Deganya – Medical Ulpan Tel Aviv morning Yes
Mercaz Hachvana – Vocational Ulpan Tel Aviv morning Yes
Municipal Ulpan Office- Ulpan Gold Tel Aviv morning/evening Yes
Ulpan for the Blind Tel Aviv morning Yes
Ulpan Gordon Tel Aviv morning/evening Yes
UlpanNeve Tzedek Tel Aviv morning/evening Yes
Ulpan Or Tel Aviv morning/evening No
Kibbutz Naan Rechovot morning/evening No
Ulpan HaPorsim Petach Tikva morning/evening Yes
Beit HaOleh Holon Holon morning/evening Yes
Ulpan Sharret Holon morning/evening Yes
Ulpan Achva Rishon Le’Zion morning/evening Yes
Citizen Cafe Oolpan Tel Aviv No

Ulpanim in the Jerusalem Region – 02

Ulpan  Neighborhood Morning or Evening  Covered by Aliyah Benefit
Ulpan La-Inyan Jerusalem morning/evening No
Ramat Beit Shemesh Beit Shemesh morning Yes
Baka Jerusalem morning No
Beit Ulpana Jerusalem morning Yes
Fuchsberg Jerusalem Center for Conservative Judaism Jerusalem morning/evening No
Hebrew Union College Jerusalem evening No
Hebrew University Jerusalem morning No
Kibbutz Zuba Jerusalem morning/evening No
Milah-Jerusalem Institute for Education Jerusalem morning/evening No
Machon Meir Jerusalem evening Yes
Medical Ulpan Jerusalem morning Yes
Mercaz Hachvana – Vocational Ulpan Jerusalem morning No
Neve Ya’acov Matnas Morasha Jerusalem morning Yes
Neve Yaacov Community Center Jerusalem morning Yes
Philip Leon Jerusalem morning Yes
Pisgat Zeev Community Center Jerusalem morning/evening Yes
Ulpan Etzion – Bet Canada Jerusalem morning Yes
Ulpan for Olim Teenagers Jerusalem morning Yes
Ulpan for the Blind Jerusalem morning Yes
Ulpan for the Hearing Impaired Jerusalem morning Yes
Ulpan Morasha Jerusalem morning Yes
Ulpan Taka Jerusalem morning No
Ulpan Or Jerusalem morning/evening No
Ulpanit HaOleh (Beit Mitchell) Jerusalem morning/evening Yes
Yeshivat Dvar YerushalayimUlpan Jerusalem evening Yes
Ulpan Eitan Jerusalem morning/evening No
Gush Etzion Matnas Alon Shvut Gush Etzion morning Yes
Modiin Municipality, Klitah Department Trailer Site Modi’in morning/evening Yes
Hashmonaim Modi’in morning Yes
Ma’ale Adumim Community Center Ma’aleh Adumim morning/evening Yes


Ulpanim in Beer Sheva & The South – 08

Ulpan  Neighborhood  Morning or Evening  Covered by Aliyah Benefit
Ulpan Ye’elim Be’er Sheva morning Yes
Ben Gurion University Be’er Sheva evening No
Kibbutz Revivim Be’er Sheva morning/evening No
Mercaz Hachvana – Vocational Ulpan Be’er Sheva morning Yes
Ulpan Altshul Be’er Sheva morning/evening Yes
Ulpan WIZO Be’er Sheva morning Yes
Mercaz Hachvana Vocational Ulpan Ashdod morning Yes
Ulpan Mercazit Ashdod morning/evening Yes
Ulpan Kalanit Ashkelon morning No

Kibbutz Ulpan

Ulpan  Neighborhood Morning or Evening
Covered by Aliyah Benefit
Kibbutz Ein HaShofet Ein HaShofet No
Kibbutz Ramat Yochanan Ramat Yochanan morning/evening No
Kibbutz Mishmar Hasharon morning/evening No
Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu Sdeh Eliyahu morning Yes
Kibbutz Ulpan (Secular Programs) morning/evening No
Kibbutz Yagur Yagur No
Kibbutz Maagan Michael Maagan Michael No
Kibbutz Mishmar Haemek Afula morning/evening No

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