RSS Feeds & Third Party Software

Last Updated on December 29, 2021

Anglo-List’s use of 3rd Party API’s Plugins, Software & RSS Feeds


From time-to-time, the Anglo-List (this website) makes use of 3rd party API’s, plugins, software and RSS Feeds who offer this service as an open, free and usable source of information.

From time-to-time this website uses these sources of information and feeds for the following types of real-time information:

  • Covid-19 updates
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Currency conversion and rates
  • Flight arrivals and airport information
  • Hotel and tourist information
  • Jobs
  • News headlines
  • Stock market updates
  • Weather updates

Real-time news feeds are sourced from international news agencies and local Israel news agencies including; Ha’Aretz, Jerusalem Post, Times of Israel, YNet and others and are published according to their terms of use and as per the script provided by them and trusts that the information provided by them conforms to all copyright laws.

Information is also sourced from the Israel Ministry of Tourism with their full permission and The Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

From time-to-time we may also use RSS feeds and plugins on other topics not listed above, that could be relevant or of interest to the audience who use this website

Plugins, API’s, software and RSS feeds are published in accordance with the 3rd party’s Terms of Use.

Website software updates are performed regularly and script updates also on the server side.

Anglo-List does it’s utmost to maintain the security, health and integrity of the website but cannot guarantee full malware protection.

Anglo-List is not responsible for any server-side related issues or problems, caching issues, script and software updates or failures.