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Last Updated on November 25, 2021

Israel Elections, the Electoral System, Members of the Knesset & Voting Information

Hebrew: בחירות ושיטות בחירה

israel elections ballot box

 Image credit:  Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung from Berlin, Deutschland / CC BY-SA (Wikimedia)

Israel Elections March 2021

What you need to know ahead of the elections on March 23rd

Acceptable forms of voter identification for Israel elections

Getting to the polling stations during the pandemic on election day, Tuesday

Israel Election Day is a holiday – Shabbaton

Polling stations for Israel’s disabled voters

Major parties competing in the 2021 elections & their identifying initials

How to vote in Israel elections. A step-by-step guide for first-time and rusty voters

Hebrew to English election translation blunders

The rights of salaried employees for Israel’s elections

How do you say chairman in Hebrew?

Israelis voting abroad

Israel Elections 2020

Members of Israel’s Knesset elected on 2 March 2020

Likud vs Blue & White – the two main players in Israel’s March 2020 elections

Parties competing in March, 2020 –  the 3rd round of the 23rd Israel Knesset elections

Israel elections, March 2020 – Polling stations for Coronavirus voters.

Israel Elections 2019

Official 2019 Israel election results

Adjusted 2019 Israel Election Results as reported by the Central Elections Committee (CEC)

Israel election news 2019

Useful links for the April 2019 Israel legislative election

Parties competing in 2019 Israel elections

The 2019 Israel legislative elections – the 22nd parliament

Israel Municipal Elections 2018

Israel municipal and regional election results 2018

Israel municipal and regional elections for 2018

Israel Elections 2015

2015 Election Results for the 20th Israeli Knesset

Voter’s roll for Israel 2015 

2015 Israel Elections – Participating Parties

Elections for the 20th Parliament in Israel – March 2015

General Information

A List of Presidents of the State of Israel

A list of Prime Ministers of the State of Israel from 1948 until the present

US citizens in Israel voting in the 2016 United States Presidential Elections

Business Directory

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