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Israel InformationIsrael's recycling of electronic waste & batteries.

Israel’s recycling of electronic waste & batteries.

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Last Updated on November 1, 2021

Tips & ideas for recycling electronic waste & batteries in Israel.

If your house is like mine and old electronics; chargers, keyboards, memory sticks and computers are taking over  – you need to know how to go about recycling electronic waste in Israel.  It was only when I recently decided to get rid of some stuff that I realized how much electronic waste we have accumulated over the last 30 years; old calculators, palm-pilots, endless telephones, old sound-systems, CDs and DVDs, and ear-phones and not to mention the cables – OMG!

Israel’s Electrical and Electronic Equipment and Batteries (or e-waste) Law requires manufacturers and importers to either treat their electronic and battery waste themselves, or work with companies accredited to treat them. Mobile and regular phones, pagers, audio equipment, camera equipment, computers and peripherals, TV sets, washing machines and refrigerators all fall into this category.

recycling electronic waste e waste

Why is e-waste harmful?

  1. Toxic materials can penetrate groundwater or are released into the atmosphere
  2. Contaminants can cause serious illnesses
  3. Burning e-waste can emit toxic waste


Vendors of batteries are obligated to have a container in their shops so that the public can dispose and get rid of used batteries. Anyone can dispose of batteries in these containers – not just store customers.

These stores have an old battery collection facility: Nupharm, Superpharm, Pelephone, Cellcom, Partner, Shufersal, Office Depot, Home Center, Steimatzky,  Tzomet Sefarim and the Post Office, Lemetayel, Ricochet and Bezek Store

How to dispose of electronic waste

E-waste can be brought to the store from where it was purchased and you might even be offered a trade-in on your old product . Stores selling electronics are obligated to arrange for collection of e-waste for recycling.

Click here for a map of electronic shops in Israel that collect electronic waste for recycling.

List of e-waste drop-off points

Some municipalities advertise e-waste drop-off points on their websites, but some do not. We found this Click here for a map of electronic shops in Israel that collect electronic waste for recycling..

Practical tips for organizing your electronics

Time to organize your electronics.  Empty every drawer and cupboard of electronics and place them in a huge container.  Check all the items and separate those in working condition from those that are not. Drop-off the old electronics at a recycling point and organize those that you are left with.

  • Ali Express and similar websites, or even your local dollar shop, sell plastic containers and organizers with compartments that you can use for storing small items.  All working ear-candy can get stored in one of these.
  • Place empty, cardboard toilet-rolls in an old shoe box.  Each toilet-roll can house one cable.
  • Make holes in block of foam to store and protect memory sticks and flash drives.
  • Ikea’s FLORT remote control pocket can hold 4 remote controls.  It also has space for your tablet.
  • From between $3 – $20  on Ali Express, you can buy a selection of  portable, waterproof, electronic storage bags which can hold an assortment of small electronics – great for traveling.

Use the comment box below to share your tip for recycling various household items and electronic waste.

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