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Giving Back to the Community

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Last Updated on August 30, 2011

Giving Back to the Community Project

giving back to the community

Volunteer groups and not-for-profit organizations do so much to help the communities that we are all a part of, but they cannot do it alone.  As successful members of the community, we have a social responsibility to help those that are less fortunate than ourselves and contribute to the common good.

Can your “Amuta” – registered not-for-profit or volunteer organization benefit from extra exposure to businesses and individuals, both globally and locally?

As part of our social responsibility, the Anglo-list is offering Amutot a unique opportunity for recognized and registered social services in Israel, and we will feature them on the website.

Women’s Rights, Hunger Relief, Youth at Risk, Child Welfare etc. If your Amuta would like to participate in this project, you can view a detailed project outline by clicking here…

Learn a few Useful Hebrew Words & Phrases

English Transliteration Hebrew
Child welfare Revachat Hayeled רווחת הילד
Donation Truma תרומה
Ministry of welfare and social services Misrad Harevacah ve sherutim hachevrati’im משרד הרווחה והשירותים החברתיים
Registered not for profit organization Amuta le lo matarot revach עמותה ללא מטרות רווח
Social services Sherutim Sotzialim שירותים סוציאליים
Volunteer Mitnadev מתנדב
Welfare services Sherutei Revacha שירותי רווחה
Women’s rights Zchuyot Nashim זכויות נשים
Youth at risk  Yeladim B’Sikun  ילדים בסיכון
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