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FinancesIsrael Currency, Exchange Rate & Currency Converter

Israel Currency, Exchange Rate & Currency Converter

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Last Updated on November 4, 2021

Israel Currency – The Shekel

Hebrew:  מטבע ישראלי – שקל

The currency of the State of Israel (Israel currency) is the New Israeli Shekel – abbreviated to NIS or ILS. One shekel is divided into 100 agorot.

In Hebrew it is represented by the acronym ש”ח–  ‘which stands for שקל חדש

Israel Shekel Coins

One and five agorot coins are no longer in use. Today we use the 10 agorot, 50 agorot (also called half a shekel – Hebrew: ‘hetzi shekel’), one shekel, two shekel, five shekel and ten shekel coins. The 10 agorot and 50 agorot coins are copper.  The 1, 2 and 5 shekel coins are silver. The 10 shekel coin is silver and brass.

Israel Shekel Notes

The 20 Shekel Note

The red 20 shekels note is the smallest bank note and includes a portrait of Rachel the Poetess against a background of palm tree fronds.

israel currency 20 shekels

The 50 Shekel Note

The new 50 shekel note is green includes a portrait of Shaul Tchernichovsky, a citrus tree and its fruits.

israel currency 50 shekel note 

The 100 Shekel Note

The 100 shekel note is yellow and red and includes a portrait of Leah Goldberg against a background of almond tree blossoms

israel currency 100 shekel note

The 200 Shekel Note

The 200 shekel note is blue and includes a portrait of Nathan Alterman set against a background of autumn leaves.

israel currency 20 shekel note

Shekel Definition and Value in Biblical Times

Did you know that a shekel was a coin that represented a claim on a weight of barley held in the city warehouse, This coin weighed the equivalent of about 180 grains of barley (approximately 11 grams). The Hebrew word shekel is based on the Semitic verbal root for “weighing” -שקל

Current Shekel Value

The New Israeli Shekel, like all currencies, fluctuates on a daily basis.

Currently (November 2021)

One Shekel is worth 0.32 cents to the US dollar, or just over 3.117 Shekels to the US dollar.

One Shekel is worth 0.28 Euro cents or just over 3.611 Shekels to the Euro.

Currency Converter

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