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Last Updated on January 3, 2022

Making Aliyah with the Anglo-List

A website for olim by olim!

The Anglo-List was developed in 2009 to meet the needs of the fast growing English speaking community in Haifa. Online aliyah resources were extremely limited at that time and the need for specialized information  was clear.  The Anglo-List took up this challenge. Practical, unbiased, Israeli lifestyle information was not available on government and on Aliyah organizations’, websites.

As soon as Anglo-List went online, we received a flood of requests for information on a national scale and since then we have been adding to this site almost on a daily basis.  There are olim who fondly refer to this site as  their “aliyah bible”.

Seasoned and experienced immigrants contribute to the Anglo-List .  We talk the oleh through real life scenarios and by recalling the frustrations of our early Aliyah,  we successfully provide practical, hands-on information  without which relocation, absorption and integration is extremely difficult.  Even after 12 years our website continues to be an invaluable resource.

The Anglo-List is the only Aliyah website to provide Hebrew English translations of household bills, banking documents, instructional videos and others.

Israeli lifestyle information is also provided as well as an Israel-Anglo Business Directory another important resource for olim to locate English speaking oleh-friendly professionals.

International students, foreigners and tourists also use this site and we constantly evolve to meet their needs.

Anglo-List is within the reach the French and Russian speaking communities too with highly specialized translations included in the site.

It is our aim to give you unique and specialized information that will will make a significant difference to your Aliyah and integration.

Anglo-List tries to make Israel easier.  From emails and via our forums it is clear that the Anglo-List is succeeding in its mission and is filling an information gap.   We are accredited by The Jewish Agency and various Aliyah organizations and Jewish Federations.

Anglo-list is here to stay and we will continue to evolve and meet the growing needs of the community.

Good luck with your Aliyah!

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