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Best Israel travel tips and hacks

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Last Updated on November 27, 2021

21 of the best Israel travel tips & hacks you need to know about


Spring and autumn holidays (Pesach and Sukkot) in Israel are by far the best times to travel and tour the country but for many of us summer is the time we take our family vacay. Since Covid, holiday time is more precious than ever. We have an real urge to experience the thrill of extreme sports or even attempt a simple hike.  Wherever you go, even abroad, and whatever you do, remember – safety first.  Each season and activity has its own unique risks.

Here are some valuable travel-safe tips

  1. In the last minute rush before a trip or outing, we sometimes forget this one, but before you set out, make sure your mobile phone is fully charged.
  2. Make sure you have the telephone numbers of family members, support services, contact details of your hotel or other key people you might need to contact in case of an emergency, entered into your phone.
  3. Ensure that other people know your destination and the expected duration of your trip.
  4. For local trips, turn on your smartphone’s GPS tracking system – this way your location can be determined by emergency services.
  5. If you are traveling in a group, keep only one mobile phone on at a time.  If the battery runs out, you have other phones to rely on.
  6. Make sure you have a printed map with you as well so that you do not need to rely on mobile phone reception to determine your location or destination.
  7. Make sure you have enough water for the day – 3 liters per person is recommended.
  8. Refrain from drinking fizzy drinks and drinks that contain caffeine.  Fizzy drinks do not hydrate you sufficiently and caffeine causes dehydration.
  9. Don’t walk with your water bottle or other kit in your hands. Use a light-weight, well designed back-pack/day-pack for your kit and keep your stuff in it.  You want to have both hands free in case you need to balance yourself, reach out for some kind of support (a branch, a rock or even a railing).
  10. Resist the temptation of taking selfies at the wrong time they could momentarily distract you from being fully aware of your surroundings.
  11. Know the weather forecast before you head out.  Weather presents its own set of unique challenges. A sharav (heatwave and dust storm), rain and flash floods can present many dangers.
  12. Dress appropriately to suit the weather conditions and have the right clothing in your back-pack.  Make sure your shoes suit the terrain, are comfortable, fit well and give you the best support should an emergency arise.
  13. A head-torch is an inexpensive piece of must-have outdoor equipment.  LED torches are very bright and emit a good quality white light which could play a massive part in ensuring you are found.
  14. Dental floss is small and light but extremely handy and strong and it can allow you to repair pretty much anything that is ripped or torn.
  15. First aid needn’t be a heavy weight.  Pack band aid plasters, antiseptic towelettes, a gauze roll, and a few aspirin in a plastic prescription bottle.

Bonus Tips

  1. Take good nourishing snacks and super-foods like dates and nuts, with you.
  2. Have some cash and credit cards on you.  Even in the most unlikely of places you might need them.
  3. Keep a whistle in your back-pack – this is an easy to carry, noise-making communication device
  4. If you have a multi-tool, take it with you.
  5. Sunscreen is a must – you can get sunburn in cloudy weather; Vaseline petroleum jelly helps chafing and bug repellent is handy too.

And now, tip #21

When you’re hiking, cycling or doing any sporting activity, always follow the signs and instructions. Any time of the year, those signs and markers are there to keep you safe. Do not swim if a lifeguard is not on duty.

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