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Last Updated on December 13, 2021

The very best of the Israel lifestyle & culture – Facts, figures and general information

All About Israel

Language, Clothing, Population, Electoral System, Customs & Behavior, Weather, Holidays, National Security

Financial Planning for Israel

Israel Cost of Living, Average Prices, Save Money in Israel, Alon Gal’s 10 Top Money Tips, Average Income in Israel

Israel Banking System

Bank Charges, Translations, Terminology and Foreign Currency…

Israel Anglo Business Directory

English Speaking Professionals and Service Providers…

Israel Aliyah, Communities & Destinations

Aliyah Communities, The Bahai, Duze & Filippino Communities in Israel, Expats & Internationals in Israel…

Restaurants & Eating Out

Dining in the Major Cities, Our Favorites and Top Voted…

Israel Education System

Pre-school, Elementary, Middle & High Schools, Higher Education, Special Ed, Fees, Translations & Terminology…

Important Emergency Numbers

Emergency Telephone Numbers and Crisis Hot-Lines…

Israel Employment Guide

Overview, Tips & Suggestions, Your Pay Slip Translated, Minimum Wage, Networking, Independent Workers etc…

Government Ministries & Offices

Contact Information of main Ministries & Government Offices…

The Israel Housing Market

Overview, Mortgages, Renting, Your Lease or Rental Contract, Floor Plan, Terminology, Rates & Taxes, Electricity…

Israel Defense Forces – IDF

Volunteering, Enlisting, Induction, What to Bring, The Night Before, Lone Soldiers – Chayalim Bodedim…

Learn Hebrew quickly, easily and for free

Ulpan Database, Translations, Hebrew Slang, Phonetic English Hebrew Dictionary by Topic…

The Israel Medical & Health-care System

Health Funds, Registration, Hospitalization, Fees, Appointments, Family Health, Non-residents, Dental Care, Rights…

Places of Interest & Tourist Attractions

Jerusalem, Haifa, Druze Villages, People with Special Needs, Top 10..

Retiring in Israel

Options for the Elderly, Pensions, Secure Living & Database, Road Safety, Support Services,  Tips & Suggestions..

Aliyah Shipping

Aliyah Shipping, FAQs, Israel Customs Authority, Tips & Suggestions…

The Best of Israel’s Shopping

Shopping Malls, Store Selection, Supermarkets, Department Stores, Outdoor Markets – The Shuk, Consumer Issues, Refunds  etc…

Tour and Travel Israel

Places of Interest & Attractions, People with Special Needs, For Nature Lovers, Camping, Top Voted Sites…

Israel Transport System

Bus Services, New Bus Routes, Railways, Taxis & Sheruts, Carmelit, Jerusalem Light Train, Toll Roads, Airports, Parking, Fares and the Rav Kav.

Israel’s Top 10

The 10 Best of Everything in Israel…

Business Directory

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