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Covid 19 – Color codes by country – red, orange and yellow

Covid-19 color codes by country for Israel travelers. The Israel Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are responsible for releasing health/travel notices...

Israel Elder Care During Covid-19

Making Aliyah and retiring in Israel during the Covid-19 Coronavirus crisis. If you are a retiree and considering making Aliyah, planning on bringing your parents...

Disconnecting from TV, phone and internet services

How do I disconnect from local Israeli TV, phone and internet services? Whether you can get a better deal elsewhere or just fed up with...

Eilat – The Best Scuba Diving Spot in Israel

Scuba diving & snorkeling in Eilat. Have you ever dreamed of swimming in crystal clear, blue waters surrounded by colorful fish? If yes,...

Property prices in Israel.

Israel: Highest increase in property prices over the last 10 years. Israel saw a 345.7% increase in house prices over the last decade, the greatest...


The best of Israel's museums. Israel's best museums house amazing collections of art, archeology, Judaica, history and culture. Whether you are into science and nature,...

Why do we light Shabbat candles?

What is the reason for lighting candles on Shabbat? There are many reasons for lighting candles on Shabbat, and our Sages implemented the lighting of...

Israeli Unicorns – One of a Kind.

There are now more Israeli unicorns than ever and Israel ranks high on the list of billion dollar valued, privately owned, start-ups.

The Prenuptial Agreement in Israel – a Contract of Marriage

A Prenup is More Romantic Than a Wedding By Adv. Jay Hait Mazel Tov! You’re engaged! The search for your soulmate is over. You and your...

Covid Travel Ban – List of Red Countries for Israelis, Orange & Yellow

Israeli travel ban - the red list and the yellow and orange lists. As per September 3rd, 2021, Israel's red-list currently includes a travel ban...

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