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Israel InformationInstructions for changing your address with Misrad Hapnim.

Instructions for changing your address with Misrad Hapnim.

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Last Updated on December 9, 2021

Changing your address with Misrad Hapnim – Israel Ministry of Interior Population and Immigration Authority.

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Question: Can I register a change of address without appearing personally at the Ministry of the Interior? Can I do this by telephone, online or some other way? – William F.

In corona times we need to think twice before heading out to government offices or any public place for that matter. The Israel Ministry of Interior (Misrad Hapnim – משרד הפנים) gives us a few options to easily change your official address – that’s the one that appears on the ‘Sefach’ – the attachment to your Teudat Zehut (ID document). 

In person

When you present yourself in person, at the Ministry of the Interior, you will need your Teudat Zehut

If you have moved home, you will need to bring your new rental contract or some other supporting documentation that proved that you are currently residing in a different place. Residents of Eilat need to bring a proof of residence in Eilat

Divorced, separated or unmarried parents wishing to register the residence of a minor child.  Your divorce agreement is required.  Both parents must be present and must both present their ID documents.

If you are over the age of 18 and you are changing your official address to that of one of your parents, you will need to present written consent by that parent.

Soldiers serving in the IDF or students who wish to change their address from their parents registered address do not require written consent.  However, they must present themselves in person and bring their ID document.

If you have been appointed a guardian or are someone’s guardian you must present yourself in person with your ID document.

Online – an ideal option for corona times

You can change your address online on your mygov personal account

  • you’re new ID slip will be sent within 5 working days to your new address
  • you can print your new ID slip immediately at a self service stand if you have  a biometric ID and password

By post

Mail your application to The National Information and Service Center, 42 Agripas Street, Jerusalem, Israel. You must include the change of address form and submit it with all the ID slips included in the application, and other required documents, as listed above. Sending by registered post is recommended for tracking.

The change of address application form

The change of address application form can be downloaded here…

Contact information Population and Immigration Authority – Misrad Hapnim

Call the National Information and Service Center


Dial from a landline: 1-222-3450
Dial from abroad: +972-2-6294666

Prior to an election

Prior to an election, you want to make sure that your address is up to date so that you will receive the official Pink Slip and details of your voting station.  It would be a real pity to have to schlepp to another city or town to cast your vote, or forego your voting privilege, because you failed to register your new address. 

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