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Ulpan LaInyan – CLICK HERE

Photo of Ulpan LaInyan – CLICK HERE
Work Israel Work Phone: +972 76-599-1122

Learn to speak Hebrew like never before!

*One or two hours a day with Ulpan La-Inyan *We offer friendly, state-of-the-art classes throughout Israel and via the Internet *Our innovative and super-effective language-learning program empowers you to take your Hebrew from the classroom into the street right from your very first class


  • Jerusalem
  • Tel Aviv

Get ahead!

“Love this course!!!

Ruti Mizrachi 5 September 2016

I LOVE THIS COURSE!!! I am so pleased with the concept, with the length of each session, with the love of the subject and the students that the instructors display, with the size of the classes… I could go on. But then I wouldn’t get my homework done.”
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