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Disconnecting from TV, phone and internet services

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Last Updated on November 22, 2021

How do I disconnect from local Israeli TV, phone and internet services?

Whether you can get a better deal elsewhere or just fed up with the service you are getting for TV, your landline, mobile phone or internet provider, disconnecting is not too difficult.

You can avoid an uncomfortable telephone conversation with your provider’s pushy customer service representative, by using a service like NatekOti or Netek.

These companies offer you the option to disconnect from your TV, phone and internet services via their websites.

Of course, their sites are in Hebrew and so we have translated the important pages for you so that you can disconnect at your convenience.

  1. NatekOti

Step One: Select the service provider you wish to disconnect from as illustrated here:

Image: Courtesy of NatekOti

Step Two: Fill in the form with the information shown here:

Following this, you will receive a confirmation message with a reference number to the email address you listed above.

2. Netek

Netek was actually the first company in Israel to offer this type of service and the procedure to disconnect is the same.

Step One: On the home-page of the website select the service provider from the display screen.

Step Two: Fill in the form with the information as shown here:

Step Three: Once you have filled in the form (all fields are mandatory), click on the green arrow to confirm.

Following this, you will receive a confirmation message with a reference number to the email address you listed above.

But alas!

Should you not be contacted by the supplier within 24-48 hours, it’s unavoidable and you will have to call the supplier directly and make sure they received the notification. Do not wait any longer than this to do so.

The supplier does not want to lose you as a client and they will do their utmost to persuade you to stay with them. They could offer you a discount for a limited period of time, a gift voucher or a host of other incentives to make you stay.

Are you able to withstand the pressure of their marketing and sales tactics? If not, you might find yourself committing to a whole new package and set of services.

Here are a couple of sentences that could help you…

  1. I would like to disconnect from the Internet/TV/Phone/Cable

Ani rotzeh/rotzah l’hitnatek mi sherutei haInternet / Televiziya / Telefon / Kabelim

2. No, I am serious, I want to disconnect. What don’t you understand?

Lo, ani retzini, ani rotzeh/rotzah l’hitnatek. Ma ata/at lo mevin/mevina?

Best excuse you can give for disconnecting?

What can you tell them that will convince them that you are serious? “I’ve just got a new job and my boss is now paying my bill through his company” or “I’m leaving the country on Tuesday”. Whatever it is, make sure it cannot be argued. Good luck with this!

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