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Israel InformationFood bank and assistance for those in need in Israel.

Food bank and assistance for those in need in Israel.

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Last Updated on December 10, 2021

Israel food bank and distribution centers for those in need who require assistance.

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus in Israel, there has been a 60% increase in demand for food assistance across the country.  Jerusalem has seen a 200 percent increase, the largest in the country.

food assistance for those in need in israel

 The worst affected areas are:

Location Increase in % Location Increase in %
Jerusalem 200 Carmiel 42
Akko 70 Ashkelon 40
Kiryat Shmona 50 Ashdod 30
Eilat 50 Haifa 25
Beit Shean 50 Beer Sheva 20
Lod 44

You can help fill the fridges of those in need, or if you yourself need food assistance, here are some organizations you can turn to.


The Latet organization is a national coalition of NGO’s, the Home Front Command (Pikud HaOref), social services, philanthropic bodies and other organizations in Israel and abroad who have come together and in the last 3 months since the beginning of the Coronavirus crisis, they have assisted some 15,000 elderly individuals with food parcels and other items. 

The Latet website tell us that they delivered 45,000 parcels, answered 6,400 requests for assistance, Some 3,200 volunteers packed and delivered these parcels and it took 24,000 hours of work, by soldiers, to do so and another 19,000 volunteer hours by other members of the community.

Throughout the crisis, Latet continues with its regular food distribution program. Some 60,000 families have received assistance.  An additional 2,000 households, severely stricken by the Corona crisis also received assistance.

To approach them for assistance, volunteer or donate, call *6833 ext.139 or the call center 1-700-50-40-33, from abroad, call +972-6833388 or via their website

Food for life

The Food for Life Association, based in Haifa,  works in full cooperation with the welfare bureaus in each city, countrywide. Needy families are referred directly by social workers to the Food for Life Association.  Food parcels are distributed according to the size and need of each household.

Call: 04-862 1199 for more information or visit their website

Food for the Disadvantaged (‘Ochel L’Nizkakim’)

Food for the Disadvantaged collects and distributes food to families and individuals who face “food insecurity” in  the Tel Aviv, Rehovot and Dan metropolitan areas. Simply put, the people they assist don’t have access to the minimum quantity of food necessary to sustain a healthy life. Some of the food they distribute is donated by individuals, well food manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. Food for the Disadvantaged also purchase essential items when they are not donated or not donated in sufficient quantities. All the food is packaged and distributed by volunteers. Visit their website

Meir Panim

Meir Panim operates a network of ‘free restaurants’; they also distribute food shopping-cards, meals for children, meals on wheels as well as food packages.  They distributes close to 250,000 meals per year.  They have branches in Jerusalem, Or Akiva, Tzfat, Tiberias and Dimona

Yad Eliezer

Yad Eliezer runs their ‘Food Box’ program from their head office in Jerusalem.  Food boxes are delivered countrywide.  They run a number of programs; their ‘Bread and Milk’ program provides the most basic food supplied to needy families.  They also run a program called ‘Feed a Baby”.  Especially now during Covid-19 days, restrictions and isolation, their ‘Meals on Wheels’ program helps the hungry in Israel.

Visit their website for more information

Food Bank of Israel

The Food Bank of Israel is a vast network of food pantries and social service organizations, we dispense food to those who need it most. They partner with local agencies to ensure that each individual that needs assistance will receive the proper care.  They bring relief to thousands of children and families throughout Israel. 

There are many food distribution organizations across the country, the ones we have listed here are but a few.  We salute them all for their hard work and dedication in helping those less fortunate than ourselves.

Just Google ‘food for those in need in Israel’ or ‘food bank Israel’ for a long list of wonderful organizations and compassionate people who do this job.

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