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Last Updated on June 21, 2021

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social services

Food bank and assistance for those in need in Israel.

Israel food bank and distribution centers for those in need who require assistance. Since the beginning of the Coronavirus in Israel, there has been a...

Mental Health Program for Olim in Israel

KeepOlim Movement, the post aliyah nonprofit for all Olim has started the first part of their Mental Health Program. Their Pilot Program

Tahareinu – Women’s Health

Tahareinu has helped tens of thousands of families by providing access to innovative treatment options in all fields of women’s fertility and

Israel Guide Dog Center for the Blind IGDCB

IGDCB Israel Guide Dog Center for the Blind breeds, raises, trains and partners guide dogs for blind and visually impaired Israelis at no

Social Services in Israel

Some social and welfare services programs, projects and care in Israel, with resources for the English speaking community

Ezer Mizion – Israel’s Bone Marrow Registry

Ezer Mizion - Israel's bone marrow registry. Chances for a match increase significantly if the patient and potential donor share the same eth

Protection for Victims of Abuse – Magen for Jewish Communities & in Israel

Magen for Jewish Communities - Dedicated to Awareness, Prevention & Healing from Child Abuse Magen for Jewish Communities is dedicated to creating safer Jewish communities...

Emotional Support Services

Emotional Support: Emergencies & General Services - Contact Information Quick dial numbers for Israeli emergency and emotional support services Police 100 Ambulance 101 Fire 102 Electric Company 103 Local Municipality 106 Bezeq – Information 144 Home Front Command 104 Social...

The Ohel Sarah Network for people with special needs.

Ohel Sarah - For People with Special Needs in Israel Ohel Sarah is a non-profit organization that has been serving the special-needs population in Central...

Israel Emergency Help Lines for Children

Emergency help lines for children in crisis in Israel. Identity crisis, exam stress, drugs, abuse; resources and contact information

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