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Social ServicesThe Ohel Sarah Network for people with special needs.

The Ohel Sarah Network for people with special needs.

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Last Updated on October 21, 2021

Ohel Sarah – For People with Special Needs in Israel

Ohel Sarah is a non-profit organization that has been serving the special-needs population in Central Israel. Ohel Sarah offers services to children and adults ages 6 to end of life with emotional, behavioral and mental disabilities, including autism and communication disorders. Ohel Sarah helps its students reach their individual potential. All therapies, programs and sessions are geared towards increasing the students’ independence and preparing them for life after graduation. Their approach is unique in that it seeks to integrate its students into mainstream society, while backing and accompanying them every step of the way.  Aside from providing its students with the best possible care, Ohel Sarah offers extensive support, guidance and counseling to the parents and caregivers of its students. We see ourselves as equal sharers in the responsibility and joy of caring for their children, and cooperate closely with the parents.

Ohel Sarah’s Services

  • Education – Four schools for children ages 6-21 with various levels of cognitive disabilities.
  • Employment – Our three employment centers enable adults ages 21-60+ to spend their days in a meaningful way and enjoy various employment opportunities while receiving a monthly salary.
  • Housing – Ohel Sarah operates 13 group homes, where adults live independently as a family unit in groups of six. Assisted by a housemother, social workers, nurses and counselors.


For more information, volunteer or donate, please contact Rivky Ostrover

l:+972 3 578 2135 or rivky@ohelsara.org or visit their website

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