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Aliyah Stories & Experiences

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Last Updated on December 12, 2021

Aliyah stories, experiences, insights & reflections

The unique and individual stories of your friends; olim and expats who chose to make Israel their new home

aliyah stories


Lynette Karp

How Covid-19 affected one of the residents at the Beth Protea retirement facility in Herzliah 

30 years after Aliyah

On our 30th Aliyah anniversary we reflect on the past, come to terms with the choices we’ve made and look toward a joyful future.

Barry Braun – Eurovision contestant, Chazzan extraordinaire

We made Aliyah and arrived in Israel on the 2 May 2017. What a day it was! Totally unplanned, we arrived in Israel on Yom Ha’atzmaut, and yes, I did go down on my hands and knees to kiss the ground! It’s funny how people come into one’s life...

The Crankshaw’s

My Aliyah Success Story

Grant & Daniella are well integrated into Israel society.  “I assess our Aliyah as a successful because we have grown. We have lived, worked and partied in our little Anglo bubble in Israel. We’ve learned a language and have ‘normalized’ ourselves to living in the cultural blender that is Israel…

Joanne Sugarman

Missing Tesco

I am not a huge fan of Israeli supermarkets.  It’s been a long time coming. At first, I loved them. I was amused by the surly cashier, looking at me blankly when I asked for help packing my shopping. How I laughed when…

Isaac Ben

Tips for Olim

My name is Isaac Ben and I am a Canadian who made Aliyah in 2004, and love Israel and all it has to offer. I work in hi-tech and live on a kibbutz. Along with the helpful and essential tips and lists of things to do from Nefesh B Nefesh and the UJA and this site….

Sara Jacobovici

The Women of Aliyah

Sara Jacobovici, shares the story of her mother who made Aliyah when she was 90 years young…

Jessica Fishman

Living in Israel is Hard, Leaving is Harder

When I first made aliyah my hope and idealism were so strong that I though that they could protect me from anything – from bureaucracy, rudeness, and even terrorist attacks. I quickly found out that I was wrong. My naïve American spirit began to shed each day that I was here. After eight years of living in Israel…

Rolene Marks

Bringing Your Pet to Israel – A Kitty’s Tale

Israel does not need anymore cats! Modiin has no shortage of felines and I could literally have my pick of the bunch! 

Sylvain Blumenfrucht

 A Day at Misrad Hapnim

It’s not all aggravation at Misrad Hapnim. In and out in 17 minutes!

Rivkah Lambert-Adler

An Aliyah Miracle

G-d, through His great goodness, finally said, “Yes. Yes, Rivkah, you can now make plans to come and live in my Land, live among My people. Come soon and grow yet closer to Me.”

Aaron Goldhammer

Israel Cured Me

Nine years ago, when I was 19, I got my 3rd right shoulder dislocation while playing water polo. So like before, I went to the doctor and was referred for physical therapy. During the therapy…

Carol Ann Givati

A New Olah

What I love about Israel (Besides all the obvious). I love seeing a Mezuzah on every door. It is amazing. A powerful reminder that this is Israel. I love the buses and trains.

Earl Shugerman

A well known journalist who writes for the Jewish press around the world

My first and favorite tour of Jerusalem was two months after my Aliyah in May of 2007. I was accompanied by my cousin Chaya (Heb. fem. name for life).


My Aliyah Disappointment

As Jews, many of us dream of making the Holy Land our home. And when we begin the process, we’re filled with hope, excitement and joy. When my husband and I got the call to go to the Israeli Embassy to get our passports stamped, we could hardly stand it!


Is He in the Israeli Food Industry?

I wonder if G-d is in the food business on the side. I know He is busy with important things like global warming, the global economic crisis and all other things global but how is it that all the festivals revolve around food? I think G-d is a major shareholder in the food industry

Anonymous Shares his Personal Aliyah Story

Single, I arrived in Israel in 1988. I went straight to an absorption center in Kfar Saba with a group of other singles. It was always my intention to move north to Haifa. I loved the mountains, the sea, the forests and the way of life. 

Doreen Guinsburg of blessed memory

A True Zionist in Palestine

As I entered her very modest ground floor apartment in Ahuzza, Haifa, I immediately noticed an antique book-stand filled with lots of interesting old leather bound books. A large collection of nature scenes, watercolors and pastels cover the walls. On the coffee table are a selection of paperbacks on Aliyah, Israel and Zionism..

Lynn Durlacker z” l- Doreen’s beloved sister

Travels up Africa’s Great North Rd. on her way to Israel

Lynn Durlacker’s & Jambo – her incredible journey to Israel…


One Year After Aliyah

Even though they teach you the word “savlanut” or patience, no one seems to have any. Pray that when the serviceman says he is coming on Tuesday, that he means this coming Tuesday and not one of the 52 Tuesdays this year.

Eran Zingman

A Lone Soldier in Israel

Lots of unsteady, Zionist motivated, young American adults come to Israel to show their Jewish/Israeli attachment. Maybe it’s just an excuse, and they are searching for their identity in what they presume is a different and friendlier society. In my case, I came to Israel, not because I wanted to contribute to Israel…

The Lichtenberg’s

Gershom & Bobbie Aliyah from Chicago to Haifa

My wife and I made Aliyah to Haifa in July, 2007. We came from Chicagoland, having spent much of our lives in the New York/New Jersey area. Our two children are grown enough to have remained in the U.S…

David Reid

My Journey via Turkey, Syrian, Iran & Russia

For most of my life, I have been the stereotypical “Wandering Jew”. I was born in the US but always felt out of place there, so as soon as I received sufficient academic qualifications, I headed out…

Sanda Abromovici-Lam

Being a Jew in Israel

My name is Sanda Abromovici-Lam – when I made aliyah I was so excited I could finally recover my identity.


An Autumn Aliyah

Zelda made Aliyah at the age of 65 from Houston.  She was open to new experiences, had a positive attitude and was progressing well. Then tragedy struck…

We all have a personal story of our Aliyah journey, share yours with us, if it’s suitable, we’ll publish it.  We’d love to hear from you –  anglolist[@]gmail.com or use the contact form.

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