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Aliyah StoriesAliyah - How to assess failure or success! A real trip.

Aliyah – How to assess failure or success! A real trip.

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Last Updated on November 26, 2021

By: Grant Crankshaw

My wife and I consider ourselves to be an Aliyah success. We never got onto the property ladder. We were too busy flying back and forth to visit the family we left behind. So like so many other Olim, we get pounded with rent every month relentlessly .. but we pay it, because it’s worth it.  It’s worth it because at not time in the day are we wondering if we’re safe. Our moshav is spectacularly beautiful with kids running around all day … unless its hot. We live with a feeling of total security .. because it is secure. Due to our situation, our security has to be the best, and it is.  So that’s taken care of, don’t worry, it comes off your taxes. If you earn enough to pay tax!

All my Olim friends are just getting by and some not at all. It’s reality and something we should be telling new Olim when they are deciding to make Aliya.  Many of my struggling Olim friends cannot even afford to leave if the wanted to. It sounds comical, but it’s a good sign of the commitment required to have a successful Aliyah.

So I assess our Aliyah as a successful because we have grown. We have lived, worked and partied in our little Anglo bubble in Israel. We’ve learned a language and have ‘normalised’ ourselves to living in the cultural blender that is Israel. We have pushed to the limits of discomfort both emotionally and financially, but we pushed through.

We have discovered what we love to do and we’ve been lucky enough in Israel to do it ever since we got off the plane. Performing is our passion. We’ve even written a show about it in which many truths are revealed and a whole lot of humour applied, to make the total ridiculousness of our Aliyah experiences, seem even slightly plausible. 🙂 Come see it. We’d love to meet you. We always have a good time.

The Cranshaw’s fulfilled their Aliyah dream and opened Centre Stage an English theatre in Raanana.

Center Stage in Ra’anana is Israel’s first professional English language theater. It is a unique and vibrant performance space that aims to bring English-language theater into the mainstream of Israeli culture. At Center Stage you can enjoy the latest drama, musical theater and reviews, stand up comedians, festivals, workshops, youth theater and more. Center Stage is a creative hub, an exciting cultural center for actors, theater professionals, audiences and the community. We look forward to welcoming you through our doors. www.centerstageisrael.com

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