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Eating out in Jerusalem

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Last Updated on November 3, 2021

Eating out in Jerusalem – Favorite Restaurants, Cafes, Pubs & Eateries

Hebrew: מסעדות ומקומות לאכול בירושלים

There are hundreds of places to eat in Jerusalem; fancy restaurants, informal home-style kitchens as well as some real ‘dives’. These are a few that stand out for our Facebook group members:

Little Jerusalem

9  Harav Kook St.

Built in Jerusalem city center in 1880 as a private villa the house became the home of the artist Anna Ticho and her husband in the early 1900’s. Ticho House is filled with the atmosphere of old Jerusalem and the artworks of painter Anna Ticho. You can sit inside and imbibe the atmosphere or experience the wonderful air of Jerusalem outside in the beautiful garden. Little Jerusalem offers a great selection of dairy meals and  a special breakfast menu served from 10am till noon. Prices are very reasonable.

Kosher: Badatz Mehadrin


King George 41 (under Coffee Joe)

Chakra offers an appetizing and fulfilling experience with a diverse Mediterranean menu ranging from classic Italian to creative dishes of local origin.  In addition to the regular menu the restaurant offers a varied daily menu according to the current availability of fresh produce. Together with a great menu a large selection of the best Israeli wines rounds off the culinary experience. In short, delicious food spiced with love.  Reservations are recommended.


Ha’Eshkol St. 5 off Agrippas Mahane Yehuda/Nachlaot

For nearly 70 years this eatery has been serving Iraqi/Kurdish and other traditional Jewish food to shoppers & merchants in the Mahane Yehuda Market.  Business people eat there regularly and tourists come from all over the world for the experience.   You don’t go to Rachmo’s for the ambiance, the décor or the gourmet menu.  You go to Rachmo’s for delicious, warm, soul food.   Be prepared to stand in a line for a while you wait with your tray.  Take a peek into the kitchen: gigantic pots of soup and goulash, koubbeh and hummus supply the generous portions of delicious food onto practical crockery. It is not the service that makes people keep coming back, just the delicious, reasonably priced food. Schnitzel, stuffed peppers and grape leaves, steak and anything else you can think of think of.  Prices are low, making this an excellent place if you are on a budget.

Kosher – rabbinate

Jackos Street Resturant

Also in the Mahane Yehuda Market, you’ll find Jackos.  Owned by world-renowned chef Zakai Hooja he goes out to the market daily to purchase the very best fresh produce.  Fantastic starters, entrees and main courses are imaginative and unusual.  Nothing to top the Krembo Kadaif desert served with Lemoncello flavored cream.  This restaurant is a must for a special occasion. Top marks on Tripadvisor.


Bezalel 7

This café operates all day long serving aromatic coffees and a variety of dairy and vegan dishes, all made from the freshest, highest quality ingredients, and all prepared before your eyes. As evening falls, the cafe transforms into a dynamic pub, offering live musical acts, art, beer from the keg and good alcohol.

Learn Hebrew words & phrases

English, Hebrew & Transliterations

English Transliteration Hebrew
Coffee shop  Bet Ka’fe בית קפה
 Restaurant  Mi’sa’da מסעדה
 Can I get the menu please  Ani rotzah/rotzeh et ha’tafrit bevakasha אני רוצה את הטפריט בבקשה
 I want to order…  Ani rotzah/rotzeh lehazmin.. אני רוצה להזמין
 Tea  Tay תה
 Coffee  Kafe קפה
 Turkish Coffee  Kafe shachor קפה שחור
 Milk  Chalav חלב
 Coke (any brand)  Kola קולה
 Sugar  Sookar סוכר
 Juice  Mitz מיץ
 Artificial Sweetener  Sookrazit סוכרזית
 Cake Ooga עוגה
 Cheese cake Oogat gvina עוגת גבינה
 Chocolate cake  Oogat Shokolat עוגת שוקולד
 First course Mana rishona מנה ראשונה
 Dessert Kinuach קינוח
 Salad  Salat סלט
 Steak  Steak סטייק
 Hamburger  Humburger המבורגר
 French fries  Chips צ’יפס
 Ice-cream  Glida גלידה
 Waiter m/f Meltzar/it מלצר\ית
 Can I have the bill please? Efshar le’kabel et ha’heshbon bevakasha? אפשר לקבל את החשבון בבקשה
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