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Tahareinu – Women’s Health

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Last Updated on December 8, 2021

Tahareinu – Women’s health & fertility hotline.

tahareinuMost families keep important phone numbers easily accessible on their refrigerator door, bulletin board or speed dial.  Hatzola, the fire department, poison control and Bubby. But there’s another number that is fast being added to the list in homes across the globe.  Tahareinu – the hotline that ‘Frum’ families have come to depend on for troubleshooting the problems that no one else can help with.

When a couple encounters difficulties with women’s health and its impact on Taharas Hamishpacha, infertility or intimacy dysfunction, the stress, worry and fear of the unknown can consume them.  The sense of stigma and isolation they feel when dealing with matters that are not usually discussed openly only compounds the difficulty, affecting every aspect of their daily living.

Since many doctors are not aware of the halachic implications of these problems, they often dismiss them as non-medical conditions; leaving couples at a loss, with no obvious way forward.  Rabbonim are often limited in the advice they can offer as there is no easy way for them to stay on top of medical advances.

Tahareinu is here to change that.

Founded by Rabbi Yitzchok and Chaya Melber eight years ago, Tahareinu has helped tens of thousands of families internationally, providing access to the most innovative treatment options in all fields of women’s health and fertility.  The organization has received high acclaim from Rabbonim and Gedolei Yisroel, as well as from renowned medical specialists worldwide for the impact it is making.  In the words of Harav Shmuel Kamenetsky, “Countless individuals are helped on a daily basis, many of them families who found no other means of assistance… this is literally a cause of Hatzalas Nefashos.”

Tahareinu operates an international hotline, manned by a team of over fifty volunteers who undergo thorough and comprehensive training, enabling them to offer up-to-date medical advice with discretion and sensitivity.  The training spans thirty classroom hours, followed by sixty plus hours of field work with continued education given by medical experts every six to eight weeks.  Tahareinu employs case managers who meet with couples in person for the more complex cases, helping them navigate their way from diagnosis through to successful treatment.

Tahareinu invests in imparting updated medical information to Rabbonim/Rebbetzens, doctors, social workers, therapists, chassan/kallah teachers and anyone who may be in a position to help couples in these sensitive areas.  Seminars are held in Israel, Europe and across North America several times a year.

Tahareinu’s senior team regularly attend international medical conferences, keeping their finger on the pulse of innovation and development in medications, medical procedures and treatment options.  They have established personal connections with specialists in every field of gynecology and reproductive health; allowing for a strong collaboration ensuring a higher level of service for the couples they refer.  This requires constant effort to stay informed and connect with service providers around the world.

Tahareinu is working to expand its services in response to the increasing demand.  They hope to open local offices in various cities in Europe and North America, allowing for case management on a local level.  Tahareinu’s research team are working towards a comprehensive international database, enabling specialist referrals to be made in cities across the globe.

Efforts are being made to create a stronger awareness, empowering couples with the knowledge that they are not alone in their struggles and that there are options for moving forward.  Just knowing that there is an address to turn to, where guidance is offered and effective solutions are found, can be enough to restore peace of mind and return a sense of serenity to the home.

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Hotline number in Israel: 07-222-42424
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