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Last Updated on June 21, 2021

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learning hebrew

Learn Hebrew: Lunacy

Learn the Hebrew word for "Lunacy". Free word sheet. The Academy of Hebrew Learning declares 'lunacy' as the

Most used English words translated to Hebrew

Most common used English words and phrases, translated into Hebrew Learning Hebrew is the foundation and key to a successful Aliyah and relocation and knowing...

Hebrew English: Your First Weeks in Israel.

Learn Hebrew words that will help you get by during the first few weeks of your Aliyah or relocation - with English & transliterations. EnglishTransliterationHebrewAbsorption...

Learn Hebrew Acronyms – Video

Instructional Video: Hebrew Acronyms Learn Hebrew A.C.R.O.N.Y.M.S and place names in only 4 minutes with this instructional video. We share some of the most useful Hebrew...

Learn the Hebrew word for Attorney General?

Learn the Hebrew word for Attorney General. The Attorney General of Israel is referred to by the acronym - YOAMASH.

Learn Confusing Hebrew Words: Im, Em, Um, Am

Learn these confusing Hebrew words: Im, Em, Um, Am       Hebrew Transliteration English Meaning  אִם Im If עִם Im With/together אֵם Em Mother אֹם Uhm (Oohm) Nut (as in bolt) עַם Um Nation   These are also confusing Hebrew words; some are homophones, some are...

Palindromes – Have fun learning Hebrew

Have Fun Learning Hebrew with Palindromes A palindrome is a word, phrase, number, or other sequence of characters which reads the same backward or...

Neck, army, and other confusing Hebrew words

How do you say these 5 words in Hebrew? Did you ask your lawyer for a copy of your mother-in-law's 'neck' rather than a copy...

Ammunition, bandage and other confusing Hebrew words

How do you say bandage in Hebrew? Don't confuse these 4 Hebrew words. There are plenty of words in Hebrew that confuse absolutely everyone. They...

Hebrew Acronyms and Abbreviations in Daily Conversation.

Hebrew Acronyms & Abbreviations Hebrew: קיצורים וראשי תיבות בעברית Hebrew is a colorful and poetic language.  Learning local Hebrew slang and jargon is an important part...

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