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Israel TransportFree Public Transport for 75+

Free Public Transport for 75+

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Last Updated on January 17, 2023

Free public transport for 75+ and half-price fare for Israel’s senior citizens

Commencing August 1, 2022, travelers aged 75 and above – will be eligible to travel for free, on all of Israel’s public transport. Senior Citizens (Women 62+ and men 67+) will continue to travel at a 50% discount.

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How do I get this discount?

In order to enjoy the benefit of free travel on Israel’s public transport network, you must use a Rav-Kav card with a dedicated 75+ profile – “Zahav Kav” (זהב קו), or a transport app loaded with the Zahav Kav profile.

Public transport payment apps; Moovit, Pango, Rav Pass, Cello can also be used, but you will need a “Zahav Kav” profile.

There are four ways to sign-up

  1. By filling out an online form on the websites: Rav-Kav Online or Hopon Rav-Pass or in their apps.
  2. In service points across the country – click here for a full list
  3. In the “Al Hakav” service centers
  4. In selected pharma chains; Super Pharm and Good Pharm.

For more information, guidance and assistance contact the call center at *8787.

A passport photograph, your ID card (Teudat Zehut) and your existing Rav-Kav card are required when signing up for this service.

If you are not physically able to get to the service station, you can provide a Power of Attorney (POA) and a proxy can arrange for the profile to be loaded on your behalf. In addition to the signed POA, the proxy must present his ID card, the ID card (or copy) of the cardholder and a passport photo of the cardholder.

Note: The POA must be specific i.e. the POA must specify the request for the issuance or update of a Zahav-Kav profile.

Existing stored balance

There are two ways to apply for a refund on the existing stored balance

  1. By filling out an online form on the websites: Rav-Kav Online or Hopon Rav-Pass or in their apps.
  2. In the “Al Hakav” service centers.

Is there a discount for Senior Citizens?

The discount for Senior Citizens (women from age 62, men from age 67) remains as it was and stands at 50% on all bus and train lines and all types of contracts but Senior Citizens aged 75 and over are now eligible for free travel.

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