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Haifa Metronit Route 5 & Route 5A

Metronit 5 & 5A - Two New Public Transport Lines for Haifa Travelers Commencing October 7, 2022

Israel Transport – New Bus Fares, August 2022

New fares on Israel's public transport network. As of August 2022, new bus fare will come into effect. Instead of 6 NIS travelers will pay...

Free Public Transport for 75+

From August 1, 2022, travelers aged 75 and above, can travel for free, on all of Israel's public transport. Women age 62+ and men, age 67+

New Bus Line to Ben Gurion International Airport

New bus line #905 commences operation on 28.05.22 from Haifa's Merkazit HaMifratz to Terminal 3 at Ben Gurion Airport. Bus schedule

Changes to Haifa’s Public Transport System

Some Haifa bus lines cancelled or rerouted. Metronit line #4 opens. The Rachbalit - cable car commences operation. Technion, University of Ha

Hebrew Acronyms & Abbreviations: PAKAR

Based on the current Israel news headlines we are introducing you to a few new Hebrew words and abbreviations.  So far, we have learned

Israel Railways Ben Gurion Station Closure

Ben Gurion train station to close for anyone arriving in Israel. From a Ynet report published on Tuesday, March 10th, 2020 at 15:04 "Against the backdrop...

Haifa Mifratz, Technion, University Cable Car – Rachbalit

The new cable car from Mifratz Transport Terminal ( מרכזית המפרץ) in Haifa to the Technion and the University of Haifa - the Rachbalit has

Israel Railways: Tel Aviv Jerusalem Train

Getting from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem on the new high-speed train. December 2019 saw the opening of the new Tel Aviv to Jerusalem high-speed train...

Ilan & Assaf Ramon Airport

The Ilan & Assaf Ramon Airport near Eilat. A new international airport was built outside of Eilat in the Timna Valley.  The Ilan & Assaf...

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