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Israel TransportIsrael Railways and Train Services

Israel Railways and Train Services

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Last Updated on November 4, 2021

Israel Railways & Train Services.

Hahagana Station

Israel Railways operates the only train service in Israel. Trains run from Nahariya in the north to Beer Sheva in the south.  Trains also service the Karmiel, Bet Shean, the Sharon, Modiin, Jerusalem and Dimona to the East. Click here for train stations route map…

Northern Stations

The northern most station is Nahariya.  There is also a station in Akko.  In 2016, the  line serving Afula from Haifa was completed.

There are 4 main stations in Haifa

  • Carmel Beach (Merkazit Hof Hacarmel) –  opposite the Central Bus station, next to the Haifa beach area, MATAM (Hi-tech center) serving Southern Haifa
  • Bat Galim – next to the old Egged central bus station, close to Rambam Hospital.
  • Hashmona Central station – serving Downtown Haifa, the Haifa Port on Haaztmaut Road and the government offices on Pal Yam (the Bullet Building – Ministry of the Interior, the Courts, Bituach Leumi and other public offices)
  • The Haifa Bay Station (Merkazit Lev Hamifratz) – adjacent to the Central Bus Station, at the Check-post and serving the Cinemall and  Haifa Bay industrial area and the smaller stations of the Krayot and those travelling north.

Binyamina Stations

The Binyamina station is a main junction, between Haifa and Tel Aviv, here you can switch trains and connect to the main north and southbound lines around the country and all the way to Beer Sheva.

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv has 4 main train stations which connect to the North as well as the East – The Sharon Plain, Ben Gurion International Airport and Modiin, Jerusalem and to the South; Rishon le Zion, Beer Sheva and Ashkelon

  • Tel Aviv University & Show Grounds – also known as Ramat Aviv.  In Hebrew: Universita Ve Gan Hairuim
  • Tel Aviv Center-Savidor – also known as Arlozorov.  In Hebrew: Tel Aviv Merkaz-Savidor
  • Tel Aviv HaShalom – also known as Azrielli. 
  • Tel Aviv HaHagana


There are 2 main train stations in Jerusalem

  • Biblical Zoo
  • Malha (by the mall)

There is no direct line from northern Israel to Jerusalem. To do so, you need to take the train to Ben Gurion International Airport and then connect to the Jerusalem stations. 


Raanana train stations


Modiin is the last stop on the direct Nahariya – Modiin Line (including Ben Gurion International Airport).  If you need to get to Modiin, from other parts of the country, you need to swap trains in Tel Aviv at Savidor, HaShalom or HaHagana

Ben Gurion International Airport

Getting to and from Ben Gurion International Airport (NATBAG) is not a problem.  The direct train from  Nahariya in the north to Ben Gurion Airport (and then onto Modiin) runs frequently into the early hours of the night.  You need to swap trains in Tel Aviv at Savidor, HaShalom or HaHagana if you are coming from other parts of the country. The train runs from around 6am till 4am the following morning.

(Due to work on the lines the train to the airport does not currently run on Friday’s – 2021). Shuttle services are available from Tel Aviv. Consult the Israel Railways website for updates.

At times during the coronavirus, the station at Ben Gurion International Airport was shuttered.  Before you set out, make sure that the train is scheduled to stop at the airport.

Train to Eilat

A fast train route between Tel Aviv and Eilat has been approved.  There is still no expected commencement or completion date.

The proposed 350-kilometer track will connect the center of Israel with Eilat, the best scuba diving, Red Sea resort city and port. It is estimated that the train will travel  at some 250 kilometers per hour.

In the meantime you can take a train to Beer Sheva and then a bus onto Eilat.

Wheelchair Access

Unfortunately, not all the train stations in Israel, are wheelchair friendly.  You need to contact Israel Railways and coordinate your journey with them and they will arrange for wheelchair assistance for you.

Top Tips

  • If it is possible to make use of a return ticket, then do so.  There is a 10 per-cent discount on the ticket price if you purchase a return ticket. The discount is only applicable if you use the Rav-Kav multi-transport, smart-card.
  • Train announcements at the stations are made in Hebrew and English
  • “Next Stop” announcements in the trains are also made in Hebrew and English.  They are also displayed on a monitor in each coach. Ask a fellow passenger if you are unsure.


Please note that Anglo-List does NOT provide information regarding schedules, ticket rates, stations, train accessibility and more.  

Dial *5770 for the Information and Customer Service Call Center at Israel Railways.

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