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Israel TransportBen Gurion International Airport in Israel

Ben Gurion International Airport in Israel

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Last Updated on June 25, 2021

Ben Gurion International Airport – Israel’s main airport.

Everything you need to know about airports in Israel.

Hebrew:  נמל תעופה בן גוריון

Ben Gurion International Airport – Image credit: Unsplash

Israel’s main international airport, Ben Gurion, is located in the center of the country at Airport City, near the town of Lod, between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. In Hebrew it is called ‘Namal Teufa Ben Gurion’.  It is also known by the acronym ‘NATBAG’.

Getting to and from Ben Gurion Airport; public transport, transfers, shuttles…

Driving to Ben Gurion by car

  • Ben Gurion is accessed via Israel’s main highway – Road No. 1
  • Via Road No. 6 (Kvish Shesh): the toll road, and then taking the Road No. 1 turn off

There are buses, trains and sheruts (10 seats, shared taxi) from all the major cities to the airport.  Israel has convenient and reasonably priced public transportation and public transport options for getting to and from Ben Gurion Airport.  You can get there by bus, private shuttle services; by rail; private taxis, sheruts, rented cars or even limousine services.  For details regarding transportation depots and general airport information, please visit the Israel Airports Authority website.

Traveling by bus to Ben Gurion

Egged Information:  Call 03-694-8888 or *2800 from any telephone for schedule and fare details

Public transportation depots are located in the three-story bridge on the second floor, near Gates 21 and 23.  Buses leave from there to the Egged station at nearby Airport City where one can transfer to regular Egged bus lines.  Passengers traveling from Airport City to the airport will receive free passage tickets for the internal shuttle service that operates the route.  Various Egged lines run between the Airport City station and central points in Israel at frequent intervals throughout the day. It is worth phoning or checking the website for details.

SuperbusOperates a bus route from the airport to nearby Shoham. MargalitOperates a bus line from Ben Gurion to the city of Modi’in.  MetropolineOperates a bus line to the city of Be’er Sheva which travels through Gedera and Kiryat Gat.
Tel: 1-700-700-181 Tel:  08-655-4201  Tel: *5900

The train to Ben Gurion Airport

Israel Railways provides comfortable and efficient service on all routes.  The South bound train from Nahariya to Modiin stops at Ben Gurion Airport.  Passengers from other areas in the country need to connect at any of the stations along that line.  Railways route map

Israel Railways Information:  03-577-4000 or *5770

Note: The train station is located on Level S (the lowest level and can be accessed from the Arrivals Hall via elevators, escalators or stairs. Tickets may be purchased from automatic machines located on Level G.

Free shuttle to Ben Gurion

While repairs and work on the Israel Rail system is being carried out, intermittently there are changes to the train schedule and the stop at Bet Gurion is sometimes not operational.  A free shuttle bus is offered from certain locations across the country.

Airport taxi services

The taxi companies based at Ben Gurion Airport operate under the supervision of the Israel Airports Authority. We recommend that you only use a licensed taxi. The taxi stands and dispatcher’s booth are located at Terminal outside the Arrivals Hall.

Licensed taxi services

Hadar Lod – transportation to all parts of the country.
Tel.: 03-9711103

Nesher Tours – transportation to and from Jerusalem.
Tel.: 02-6257227

Amal – transportation to Haifa and the North area.
Tel.: 04-8662324

Local taxi fares

Taxi drivers are required, by law to use a meter on all trips. Unless you know the official rates, do not be tempted to set a price beforehand. For long trips, the driver must charge passengers according to the Ministry of Transport price list posted in all taxis.

A 25% surcharge for night trips – effective from 9:01pm until 5:29am (from 4pm on Fridays and holiday eves). Trips out of Ben Gurion Airport are charged an additional NIS 5.00, and passengers pay approximately NIS 3.00 for each suitcase. Passengers who request use of Road 6 (a toll road) will pay an extra fee.

You are fully entitled to request a receipt at the end of the journey.

Car rental at the Airport

The car rental companies can be found on the first floor in the Arrivals Hall and are open 24/7.  Returning vehicle can be done at the airport or at another location in Israel, as agreed upon.

Airport limousine services

Several companies provide special transportation services from Ben Gurion Airport to various destinations throughout Israel.  Present your limo voucher at the appropriate counter in the Arrivals Hall.

General Ben Gurion information

Click here for complete list of useful airport telephone numbers

Flight arrivals & departures

Real time flight arrivals and departures to and from Ben Gurion International Airport

List of airports in Israel

  1. Ben Gurion Airport Tel Aviv (International)
  2. Ilan & Assaf Ramon Airport Eilat 
  3. Herzlia Airport
  4. Haifa Airport
  5. Ovda Airport
  6. Kiryat Shmona Airport
  7. Rosh Pina Airport

Airport coronavirus testing

Israelis, vaccinated and recovered, wishing to travel to countries where active coronavirus case numbers are low, are required to present their vaccination and/or recovery certificate at the airport.

The four health funds: Maccabi, Clalit, Leumit and Meuhedet provide coronavirus testing for their members for the purpose of international travel. Private quick testing can be done at the airport.

Incoming travelers are required to take a coronavirus test upon landing in Israel.

Please check the Israel Ministry of Health website for latest information regarding coronavirus regulations, isolation and entry to Israel.

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