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EmploymentEmployment counseling, courses & agencies for your next job in Israel.

Employment counseling, courses & agencies for your next job in Israel.

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Last Updated on December 13, 2021

Employment Counseling, Agencies & Careers in Israel 

Olim and returning residents are eligible to reskill or upskill via a voucher program run by the  Ministry of Aliyah Immigrant Absorption – Misrad HaKlitah.  In addition to a host of courses, personal guidance, counseling and aptitude testing is available. Assistance with resumes, interview skills and improving language improvement are also accessible. Culture-bridging workshops are also offered.

Training in a wide range of professions is offered. In a job market that gets more and more competitive every day, re-skilling or up-skilling is an amazing opportunity for Olim, that should not be missed.

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Eligibility for the Program

Courses are offered to Olim and Toshavim Chozrim if:

  • They are unemployed
  • You profession is not in demand
  • You are over the age of 18 and under the official retirement age
  • You are an Oleh, Ezrach Oleh, Katin Chozer & Gorer Zechuyot within 10 years of Aliyah (and who was at least 15 years old upon receiving their Aliyah status)
  • You are a Toshav Chozer (no more than 2 years since you returned to Israel)
  • You have basic knowledge of Hebrew, successfully completed Ulpan Alef or if you pass an assessment test.

There is a cap on the amount of financial assistance you can expect to receive – 7,000 NIS, and which must not exceed 80% of the actual tuition fee.

A full list of Misrad Haklita (Ministry of Aliyah and Integration) offices throughout Israel – from north to south can be found here.   You can filter your search from a drop-down list via locality and field options.

Courses offered

Many courses are offered in every imaginable field from tractor drivers to exterminators, retraining of teachers to digital online marketing and a host of others in-between – its an almost endless list and you are sure to find something that interests you or could upskill you.

The Jewish Agency for Israel’s Aliyah Job Center is a limited program and the full range of  services does not extend to “all immigrants” or returning residents (“Toshavim Hozrim”).

Job hunting on the Internet

Some helpful job sites you might want to try

Anglo-List (community group)

Anglo-List Jobs for Olim & Internationals in Israel
Gvahim – Nonprofit for Olim Seeking Jobs
Indeed Israel (Hebrew)
Israel Executive Jobs – Facebook Group
Israemploy – Subscription Fee Based
Jerusalem Business Networking Forum
Jewish Jobster
LinkedIn Group – Israel Hot Jobs Board
LinkedIn Group – Israel High Tech
LinkedIn Group – Search and Find a Job In Israel
Shatil (Hebrew job site for non-profit sector)

Misrad Haklitah Offices

Acco1 Shlom HaGalil St073-397-3500
Afula34 Yehoshua Henin073-397-3810
Arad34 Chen Blvd, 2nd floor08-634-1527, 08-634-1605
AshdodMenachem Begin Ave. Zimmer Bldg1599-900-914
Ashkelon9 Berl Katznelson1599-500-914
Be’er Sheva31 Shazar St.1599-500-921
Beit Shemesh9 Herzl St073-397-2450
Bnei Brak148 Jabotinsky St03-619-6149, 1599-500-907
Hadera13 Hillel Yaffe073-397-3200
Haifa15 Pal Yam1599-500-922
Hasharon23 HaTaas, Kfar Saba1599-500-906
Holon36 Eilat St.1599-500-908
Jerusalem4 Mevo Matdmid1599-500-923
Karmiel & Galilee2 Ma’ale Kamon St. Big Center, 2nd Floor, Karmiel1599-500-920
KatzrinThe Municipality Community Center, Old Industrial Area04-699-9336
Kiryat Gat3 HaGefen St.08-687-8666
Kiryat Malachi2 Hanegev1599-500-914
Kiryat Shemona104 Tel Chai Blvd, Tzachar bldg073-397-3752
Krayot7 Hameyasdim, Kiryat Bialik073-397-3103
Ma’alot21 Yerushalayim, HaRakafot Mall073-397-3652
Nahariya9 Haatzmaut Rd.073-397-3602
Netanya3 Barkat1599-500-905
Petach Tivka26 Histadrut St.1599-500-907
Ramla91 Herzl, Government Precinct1599-500-912
Rehovot12 Binyamin073-397-4800
Rishon Lezion3 Israel Glili1599-500-910
Tzfat1 HaGdud HaShlili St., Sharei Ha’ir Mall, 2nd floor073-397-3702
Tel Aviv6 Esther Hamalka, Tel Aviv1599-500-901
Teveria16 Yochanan ben Zakai, 2nd floor073-397-3810

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