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Hebrew EnglishHebrew English 'Rain' Words.

Hebrew English ‘Rain’ Words.

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Last Updated on October 25, 2021

Learn new Hebrew words for rain and rainy days.

Free word-sheet with Hebrew, English & transliterations.

Did you know that the highest annual rainfall ever recorded, in Israel, was at Meron (Upper Galilee) – 1673mm during the rainfall season of 1968/1969? The highest monthly rainfall ever recorded was also at Meron – 744mm in January 1969 – source Israel Meteorological Service.

Hebrew English rain

English Transliteration Hebrew
Acid rain  Geshem Humtzi גשם חומצי
Average rainfall  Kamuyot geshamin memutza’ot כמויות גשמים ממוצעות
Cloudburst  Shever anan שֶׁבֶר עָנָן
Cloudy  Me’unan מְעֻנָּן
Condensation  Ibui עִבּוּי
Drizzle  Tiftoof טִפְטוּף
Flood  Shitafon שִׁטָּפוֹן
Hail  Barad ברד
Lightning  Barak ברק
Partly cloudy  Me’unan helkit מעונן חלקית
Rain  Geshem גשם
Rainbow  Keshet קשת
Rain gauge  Mud geshem  מַד-גֶּשֶׁם
Stormy  So’er  סוֹעֵר
Struck/electrocuted by lightning Hitchashmel al yedai barak התחשמל על ידי ברק
Thunder Ra’am  רַעַם
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