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ElectricityIsrael Electric Corporation: Electricity Tariffs & Meters

Israel Electric Corporation: Electricity Tariffs & Meters

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Last Updated on November 20, 2021

Electricity Tariffs: Flat Rates & Variable Rates

This is a Google translation of a web page in The Israel Electric Company’s – Hevrat HaHashmal – website:  https://www.iec.co.il/BusinessClients/Pages/OptionalTariff.aspx which explains the different electricity tariffs in Israel.  It is not a great translation but you will get the general idea…

electricity meterTime of use (tariff is according to system load and time consumption) creates a direct relationship between the price paid by the customer and the cost of electricity generation and supply, as they vary according to the time of day, days of the week and season of the year. 

The Public Utility Authority is the body responsible for setting electricity rates in Israel, decided to allow customers to uniform tariffs (domestic tariff, the overall rate and the rate for lighting public streets), select the default time of use rate (voluntary).

On 01.30.2012 the Authority decided to further track time of use the default: the default time of use simple, only domestic customers.

To move to time of use tariff, the electricity company must install a special electronic counter appropriate time of use meter and remove the normal (or mass) that is installed on the client .

By crossing time of use is initiated by the customer, as per its discretion. Before making a decision on the choice of selection time of use, the two types, it is worth examining the conditions for the transition as well as the distribution of prices over the year , depending on the dates of use (peak Geva, low ).

Details of the two types of selection time of use:

  • The default time of use with three regular seasons and three clusters demand hours (Ms”bim);
  • The default time of use “simple” , only domestic customers , with three seasons and two Ms”bim .

By the passage of time of use conditions

If one customer has a meter outside the apartment / room for consumption, it does not have to pay for the replacement of the meter meter time of use.

If the customer’s electric meter installed in the place of consumption (such as inside the apartment and in the stairwell), the client make his own expense by a private electrician, the work required for the facility to copy the meter by the electric company out of the place of consumption. Customer shall pay the Company the cost of moving the meter out of the place of consumption, depending on the nature of the work required .

If installed on the client several times, removed all other masses have not installed appointed time of use, and the customer will pay NIS 179.96, for the mass removal and installation appointed time of use .

The company has committed to fulfill the customer ‘s request to move to time of use selection within a period not exceeding three months from the date of application recorded in the offices of the Company, subject to inventory existing mass. Appropriate counter is not in stock, the Company may extend the treatment for a period not exceeding 12 months .

By crossing time of use – both regular and simple – is a minimum period of one year. After a year the customer is entitled to return to a uniform tariff, and only carry the costs of removal and installation of electronic meter counter normal amount of NIS 179.96, as in force at that time. Electric Company will perform the client’s request within 90 days of the registered offices of the Company’s request .

Clarification: The above rates are effective from 16.05.2013, and include VAT at 18 %.

Domestic client to join the common selection time of use tariff will remain for a period of 12 months from the date of accession. Could end this period, at the choice, go back to be bound by the domestic tariff uniform minimum period of two years.

New home client default time of use rate calculation will be simple for the first 12 consecutive months of payments, they simply default by time of use tariff and single home belonged to him. At the end of the first year, the customer will be entitled to choose whether he continues to track just the default time of use or be charged at the rate for single home, and will be entitled to receive a refund for the difference between the rate the single home on a simple selection time of use period of the first year only, as is the difference such.

Client default time of use tariff just decided to go back home, can not rejoin the time of use the default path of any kind, for two years from the date of his departure from the simple selection time of use. Receipt of the refund will be allowed only once .

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