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ALIYAHAliyah from Australia

Aliyah from Australia

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Last Updated on October 25, 2021

Making Aliyah from Australia & New Zealand

 עליה מאוסטרליה וניו זילנד

aliyah from australia“Hey mate! What have you been doing this arvo?”

“It was a ripper of a day, I was at the Israel Aliyah Center preparing my Aliyah.  Got to get going mate.”

“I hear it costs 25 Shekels for a brew in a pub over there mate! You’re seriously gonna leave us in woop-woop, make Aliyah and go months without Vegemite and Tim Tams? No way!”

Well the good news for all of you down-under is you can get Tim Tams in all better supermarkets in Israel. You can order Vegemite online, and unlike Melbourne’s weather you won’t need shorts, an umbrella and a hoodie all in one day.

Ozzie and Kiwi olim have made a mark in Israel in many fields including diplomacy, medicine, business, education, property development, public relations, law, philosophy, sport etc.

Some Notable Olim from Down-under

Prof. Nathan Cherny

Mark Regev

Mark Regev is an Israeli diplomat and civil servant, and the Ambassador of Israel to the U.K. since April 2016. Prior to that, he was the chief spokesman for the Prime Minister, a position he held from 2007 to 2015. He made Aliyah to Israel in 1982.

Dvora Waysman

Author, Dvora Waysman (Dorothy Opas) made Aliyah from Melbourne to Jerusalem in 1971.  She has written several books and her novel The Pomegranate Pendant was made into a movie in 2009. It premiered at the Jerusalem Film Festival in 2012.

Telfed Office

Taking care of Australian and New Zealand olim in Israel is the Telfed office in Raanana. Dorron Kline – Director of Telfed, his amazing team in Raanana and Telfed regional volunteers around the country are available to help and guide new olim from Southern Africa, Australia & New Zealand.

Australian Embassy

The Ozzie Embassy is in Tel Aviv.

Facebook Groups

You might want to join these groups on Facebook:

  • Anglo-List
  • Telfed: South Africans & Australians in Haifa
  • Telfed young South African and Australian olim
  • Australians living in Israel
  • New Zealanders who love Israel

Have a Captain Cook…

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