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20 Most Popular Aliyah Destinations for 2022

Where are new olim settling after Aliyah? There are large English speaking communities across Israel but new pockets of English speakers are

Aliyah for Seniors – An Autumn Aliyah

An Autumn Aliyah By: Zelda There was no Nefesh B’Nefesh when I made Aliyah in 1997 at the age of 65. I didn’t need it....

After Aliyah

If you've made it to this section of the website it means that you have probably overcome many of the initial Aliyah or relocation hurdles.


Seasoned olim 'vatikim' share their Aliyah tips, advice and suggestions for your emotional well being and lifestyle adjustment.


The Ministry of Aliyah and Integration provides assistance and benefit to new immigrants - the "Sal Klitah".

The Future of the South African Jewish Community

The Future of the South African Jewish Community. What is the future of the South African Jewish community?  The Kaplan Centre for Jewish Studies recently...

Aliyah over 50

Seniors - 10 things to know about Aliyah if you're over 50. By: Adv. Jay Hait You’ve worked most of your adult life, paying into social...

What not to bring on Aliyah

What not to bring on Aliyah to Israel - 7 suggested items. There is no end of lists that tell you what you should bring...

Cecilia Harris

I met Cecilia in a sherut in Haifa. When I heard her speaking English I started up a conversation, we exchanged numbers and I invited her for

Israel Aliyah Statistics 2020

Israel Aliyah statistics for 2020 as published by the CBS. Seventy three years since statehood, the population of Israel nears the 10 million mark and...

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