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Travel & TourEilat - The Best Scuba Diving Spot in Israel

Eilat – The Best Scuba Diving Spot in Israel

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Last Updated on October 25, 2021

Scuba diving & snorkeling in Eilat.

Have you ever dreamed of swimming in crystal clear, blue waters surrounded by colorful fish? If yes, Eilat must be on your list of scuba diving and snorkeling destinations.

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Snorkeling in Eilat’s clear waters, where thousands of species of colorful fish, dolphins and sea creatures unique to this ecosystem, live – is an unforgettable experience.

Eilat lies on the Red Sea and water temperatures average at 24 degrees Celsius throughout the year, even in winter!!!

The Red Sea is calm, its waters are clear and reefs grow in nature reserves very close to the shallow shore line. Get your snorkeling and scuba gear ready, your flippers and an underwater camera – and head off on a magical journey!

If Eilat had a national sport, snorkeling would be it and so we’ve decided to share two of our favorite snorkeling destinations.

Eilat Coral Beach Nature Reserve

The Coral Beach Nature Reserve reefs are the only coral reefs in Israel.

The Coral Beach Reserve offers easy access (disabled friendly) via bridges that lead visitors to the open waters.

A magical underwater world awaits you; huge varieties of corals, fish and marine creatures unique to the Red Sea marine ecosystem will hold you in awe.

A coral reef in Eilat with an unique assortment of marine life

Walk along the beach, enjoy the lookout points while the kids paddle in pools along the way. You might want to hire a guide for a unique 30 minute, experience that includes swimming and explanations about the surrounding coral reefs.

Google Maps: Coral Beach Eilat Nature Reserve

Amenities: Toilets and showers, chairs and shade awnings, cafeteria.

Lifeguards: Only in season.

Diving equipment for hire: Yes

Parking: There is a large parking lot near the reserve and across the road.

Entrance Fee (subject to change)

Adult (18+)₪ 35.00
Child₪ 21.00
Adult in group₪ 30.00
Child in a group₪ 18.00
Student₪ 30.00
Senior citizen₪ 18.00
Resident of Eilat₪ 12.00

Princess Beach – Israel’s southernmost beach

Just a short way from the Taba border crossing into the Sinai (Egypt), in front of the Princess Hotel (now under renovation), is Israel’s southernmost beach – the Princess Beach. It’s a somewhat wild beach reminiscent of beaches untouched by man, the beaches where rocks and pebbles gently and quietly kiss the water. The Princess Beach is part of the Coral Beach Strip Nature Reserve.

To enter the shallow waters you can follow the rope markings, but it is recommended to walk along the two iron bridges that lead directly into the water.

Here, hundreds of colorful fish swim peacefully alongside the coral reef. The beach is untamed and there is no shade or rescue services, nevertheless the Princess Beach offers one of the most magical and finest snorkeling experiences you’ll ever know!

Google Maps: Princess Beach Eilat

Entrance fee: Free!!

Amenities: A few small restruants.

Lifegaurds: NO!!

Diving equipment for hire: No

Parking: There is a large parking lot across the road.

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