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Last Updated on June 21, 2021

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Travel & Tour

Covid 19 – Color codes by country – red, orange and yellow

Covid-19 color codes by country for Israel travelers. The Israel Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are responsible for releasing health/travel notices...

Eilat – The Best Scuba Diving Spot in Israel

Scuba diving & snorkeling in Eilat. Have you ever dreamed of swimming in crystal clear, blue waters surrounded by colorful fish? If yes,...

Accommodation: Hotels & Hostels

Hotel, Hostel and Accommodation in Israel. Hostels If you are looking for cheaper accommodation, you might want to try one of the many hostels accredited by...


Must-visit, best beaches in Israel. The State of Israel lies on 4 bodies of water; The Mediterranean Sea on the West, the Red Sea near...


Tour and travel Jerusalem and favorite attractions. See the best of Jerusalem in one day The best museums Jerusalem has to offer Jerusalem hotels


The best of Israel's museums. Israel's best museums house amazing collections of art, archeology, Judaica, history and culture. Whether you are into science and nature,...

Covid Travel Ban – List of Red Countries for Israelis, Orange & Yellow

Israeli travel ban - the red list and the yellow and orange lists. As per September 3rd, 2021, Israel's red-list currently includes a travel ban...

Camping in Israel

Essential camping tips, hacks and information for novice campers in Israel. Get back to nature and enjoy sleeping in the outdoors and under the stars....

Top 5 Israel museums that you must visit

Top 5 Israel museums that you must visit Visiting the museum is a great way to refresh your routine and develop critical thinking. There...

Covid Regulations for Greece

Covid regulations for Israelis visiting Greece. Image credit: Unsplash Greece has made it easy for the Israeli tourist who is either vaccinated or recovered and wishes...

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