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Travel & TourFlights from Israel to New York - updated 2021

Flights from Israel to New York – updated 2021

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Last Updated on October 25, 2021

Can you fly to Israel right now?

Passengers wishing to fly to Israel are required to fill out an entry form for a passenger entering Israel. The incoming passenger form must be completed during the 24 hours prior to the flight. It is recommended to arrive at the airport with the full form and a boarding pass confirmation that can be displayed in a digital file or as a printed file. The form is intended to be filled out for each of the following: Citizens with Israeli residency status with foreign citizenship

Cheapest flights to Israel from New York

Is El Al flying to Israel?

Currently, EL-AL is flying to Israel,

Flights arriving at Israel are arriving from Europe and USA

Flights from Israel to New York today

Can you fly from Israel to usa right now?

Yes you can.

Last Covid-19 regulations

  •  Abroad for more than 72 hours.
  • A negative PCR result written in English with the passenger’s passport number must be presented at the airport.
  • This provision is binding on all take-offs to Israel, at any age, including the vaccinated.
  • Exemption from the test that must be performed before take-off will be given to recovered, provided that at least 11 days have passed and no more than 3 months from the date of their diagnosis of blue in Corona. Please note that this exemption is for pre-flight check only and not for check-in at the airport, after landing.
  • Only PCR tests will be accepted – no speed tests or tests of any other type will be accepted.
  • If on the way to Israel   connecting flight is planned and the waiting time between the first flight and a flight landing in Israel is more than 24 hours, the test must be performed during the 72 hours before the departure of the flight landing in Israel.
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