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Lifeguard Responsibilities & Duties

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Last Updated on November 27, 2021

Enjoy the day out. Know the duties & responsibilities of lifeguards and bathers at beaches & pools in Israel

Hebrew: חובות המצילים

Every summer we hear of accidental drownings. To fully enjoy one of Israel’s 157 official beaches, it’s important to obey beach rules.  Beach rules are there for your safety and lifeguards on Israel’s beaches and at public pools are duty bound to:
  1. Prevent drownings
  2. Initiate rescue operations where need be
  3. Administer first aid and resuscitation to whoever may need it
  4. Supervise bathers for the full duration of their shift both in and out the water and prevent them from engaging in dangerous activities
  5. Lifeguards are not allowed to partake in any other activities for the duration of their shift
  6. To have a communication device in easy reach of their hands
  7. Lifeguards are not allowed to leave their posts during the work day until another lifeguard comes on duty.
  8. Lifeguards are expected to dress appropriately during their shift; a bathing suit, a shirt and pants which have the word ‘מציל’ / lifeguard displayed thereon in a clear and easily readable manner.

Bathers must:

  1. Listen to the instructions of the lifeguards
  2. Bathe only in the area determined ‘safe’ by the lifeguards
  3. If you cannot swim, stay in shallow water
  4. Keep close to other bathers, maintain eye contact with them and make sure they are aware of you
  5. Avoid swimming in unfamiliar areas; there may be strong currents or unsafe terrain that you are unaware of
  6. Drinking alcohol before a swim puts you at risk of losing control and drowning
  7. Remember, bathing is permitted only during the hours when lifeguards are on duty.  Do not bathe at night.
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