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Hebrew-English: Government

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Last Updated on November 9, 2021

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Government, Official Terminology & Documents

Absorption basket  Sal klita
 Absorption Center  Merkaz klita
 Beth din  Bet din
 Birth certificate  Teudat leyda
 Certificate of guardianship  Teudat Apotropasit
 Chief Rabbi  Harav HaRashi
 Death certificate  Teudat petira
 Divorce certificate  Teudat giroshin
 Government ministries Mis’ra’day ha’mem’sha’lah
 Health insurance  Bituach briyut
 Health Fund  Kupat holim
 Identity document  Teudat zehut
 Immigrant certificate  Teudat oleh
 Immigrant rights  Zchooyot oleh
 Income tax Mas hachnasa
 Israeli army Tzavah HaHaganah LeYisrael  (abbr. Tza’hal)
 Jewish divorce Get
 License  Rishayon
 Marriage certificate  Teudat nesu’im
 Medical certificate  Ishoor refoo’i
 Passport  Darkon
 Power of attorney  Yipoy koach
 Pension  Pensiya
 Rabbinate  Rabanoot
 Tax  Mas
 Taxes  Misim
 To enlist  Lehitga’yes
 Unemployed  Mevootal (m)  Mevootelet (f)
 Unemployment benefit  Dmay avtala
 V.A.T  Mas erech musaf (abbr. Ma’am)
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