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EmploymentIsrael's Pregnancy & Maternity Benefits

Israel’s Pregnancy & Maternity Benefits

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Last Updated on November 23, 2021

Israel Labor Regulations – Pregnancy & Maternity Benefits

Hebrew: חופשת לידה

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What are Israel’s labor regulations (no pun intended) regarding pregnancy & maternity leave?

  • A woman has to notify her employee of her pregnancy by the 5th month.
  • A woman cannot be fired from her job because she is pregnant.  This includes temporary workers who have been working for at least 6 months.
  • A woman cannot be fired from her job while she is on maternity leave or until 60 days following the end of her maternity leave.
  • A woman who requires sick leave as a result of her pregnancy cannot be fired for 6 months following the end of her maternity leave.
  • If your employment contract should expire during your pregnancy or during maternity leave, it must be automatically renewed.
  • If you work with hazardous substances, you are obligated to inform your employee of your pregnancy within 10 days of confirmation. You need to provide a medical certificate confirming your pregnancy.  Your employee has to follow all safety regulations and protective measures.  Similarly, pregnant women are required to follow and take all necessary precautions.
  • From the 5th month of pregnancy, a women is not required to work overtime unless she has given her consent.
  • Your salary during you maternity leave – dmei leida, will be paid by Bituach Leumi (National Insurance)
  • In the case of adoption of a child under the age of 10, a mother is entitled to maternity leave.
  • Women can apply to Bituach Leumi for extended maternity leave in the case of a multiple birth.
  • Fathers are entitled to take maternity leave instead of the mother and under certain conditions.

Our Tip

Before you announce your pregnancy consult the National Insurance Institute and be 100 per cent clear of your rights.  After that time, arrange a meeting with the Human Resources department in your firm, share the good news and confirm your rights.

Some Delightful Israeli Customs

When a woman announces her pregnancy, it is a customary among Jews and Israelis to say “B’sha’a tova” which literally means “at a good time or at the right time” – this is a blessing and you are wishing that the birth take place during a joyous or convenient time.

Close to end of those long and difficult days at the end of pregnancy your friends may encourage you by saying “o to to” which means “any minute now”.

When you eventually give birth you are likely to say “sof sof” which literally means “finally!”

Learn New Hebrew Words & Phrases

English, Hebrew & Transliterations


English Transliteration Hebrew
Childbirth Leida לידה
Custom Minhag מנהג
Employment agreement Heskem avoda הסכם עבודה
Labor laws Dinei avoda דיני עבודה
Human resources Mashavei enosh / koach adam מאשבי אנוש / כוח אדם
Maternity benefits Dmei leida דמי לידה
Maternity leave Hufshat leida חופשת לידה
Medical certificate Ishur refu’i אישור רפואי
Overtime hours Shaot nosafot שעות נוספות
Pregnancy Hera’yon הריון
Work dismissal Piturin פיטורין


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