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Israel TransportThe Rav-Kav Smart, Multi-Ride,Transport Card

The Rav-Kav Smart, Multi-Ride,Transport Card

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Last Updated on December 12, 2021

The Rav-Kav: Multi-ride transport card

Hebrew: רב קו

What is the Rav Kav?

The Rav-Kav is a pre-paid magnetic smart, transport card which was introduced for multiple rides and season tickets on Israel’s public transport service.  Your personal information is programmed into the card and any discounts you are entitled to, will automatically be validated every-time you load the card.  Sheruts (shared taxis) and private taxis are not part of the Rav Kav system.

rav kav Egged 400
The front-side of the Rav-Kav. The under-side shows your identification details.

Where can I use a Rav Kav?

On the bus, the train, Haifa’s Metronit, Haifa’s Carmelit underground funicular, Haifa’s cable car to the Technion and University and the Jerusalem Light Rail. When the Tel-Aviv Light Rail is complete, the Rav Kav will be the main fare payment system.

Where can I buy a Rav Kav?

A Rav Kav card can be purchased at any Rav Kav service station across the country.  You cannot buy a Rav Kav from the bus driver. You can also order your Rav Kav on line via the Egged, Israel Railways and Metropoline websites.

Types of Rav Kav’s and Travel Pass

There are two types of Rav Kav; the Personal Rav Kav (Heb: Rav Kav Ishi), the Anonymous Rav Kav (Heb: Rav Kav Anonimi) and now the Israel Travel Pass for tourists.

1. Personal Rav Kav – ‘Rav Kav Ishi’

At the Rav Kav service station you will need to produce a valid identity document when you purchase the Rav Kav. A digital photograph will be taken and processed onto the card (just like on a driver’s license). The Rav Kav card is issued on the spot and your personal identification details are printed on the underside of the card.

2. Anonymous Rav Kav – ‘Rav Kav Anonimi’

Anyone who does not wish to purchase the Personal Rav Kav can buy a Rav Kav Anonimi (the anonymous Rav Kav) for a one time fee of 5 shekels from service stations across the country (central bus stations and train stations).  The Rav Kav can be loaded with a 30NIS, 50NIS and 100NIS value.

3. Israel Travel Pass

The ISRAEL PASS & Ride card is the ultimate choice for tourists, making your trip to Israel smooth and easy and granting you a discount of up to 40%.

The ISRAEL PASS & Ride enables entry to variety of national parks, attractions and nature reserves (for example, Massada, Ein Gedi, Caesarea, Qumran and many others), as well as (when loaded) travel on public transportation throughout Israel, enjoying RAV KAV ride card benefits. It also provides discounts on various tourist attractions throughout the country.

There are currently 3 fare packages:

  1. 78NIS + entry to 3 parks
  2. 110NIS + entry to 6 parks
  3. 150NIS + entry to all parks

The Israel Travel Pass can be purchased at Ben Gurion International Airport, Ramon Airport in Eilat, or Abraham Hostels in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem

For more information visit www.israelpass.biz.

How does the Rav Kav work?

You  purchase the appropriate fare (according to zone and route combinations ) which is loaded and credited to the card.  Each time you use the public transport, you swipe the Rav Kav card in the card reader, and the appropriate fare is deducted from the balance.

A daily, weekly or monthly pass allows you unlimited rides during that period.  Eight different fare combinations can be loaded into a single Rav Kav card.

With the exception of train fare, a single ride is valid for 90 minutes. This means you can get on and off and transfer to another line, an unlimited number of times within a 90 minute window and still only pay for one single fare.

How much does a Rav Kav cost?

The initial purchase of the Rav Kav is free however, there is a 5 shekel charge for the Rav Kav Anonimi.  It is then loaded with the fares of your choice and  discounts you may be entitled to.

Who is entitled to discounted fares?

Free travel passes are given to police officers and prison authority personnel, national service conscripts of the IDF (Israel Defense Force) and army reservists.  Children under five can travel free any time when accompanied by an adult carrying a valid ticket.

Discounted fares apply to senior citizens, and youth, National Insurance Institute eligibility i.e. the disabled, blind etc.  Students are entitled to a 50% discount

Can children apply for the Rav Kav independently?

A child under the age of 16 – who is not legally required to hold an identity card – can apply for the Rav Kav if accompanied by an adult in possession of an ID card.

Children over the age of 16 – who are legally required to hold an identity card, can apply for a Rav Kav independently.


From the date of issue, a Rav Kav is valid for 8 years.  Should your personal Rav Kav (Rav Kav Ishi) be faulty, you can get another, free of charge and any remaining fare balance will be transferred to the new card.

Israel Transport Tariff Reform

January 1st, 2016 brought saw the implementation of the new Transport Tariff Reform which now includes a travel pass for daily, weekly and monthly multiple rides

Rav Kav & Other Apps

As of 28.2.2016 you can load your Rav Kav online via ravkavonline.co.il or on the Rav Kav app on your smartphone.

The simplest way to pay for public transportation in Israel is with the Rav-Kav but there is another solution; the HopOn Rav-Pass app for smartphones. It uses a QR code which must be scanned on the bus instead of the Rav-Kav card. Payment is via credit card.

Moovit is another transport app that allows you to pay per ride via the app.  Moovit also provides real-time information, route suggestions and the like.

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