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Israel TransportThe Jerusalem Light-Rail

The Jerusalem Light-Rail

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Last Updated on November 13, 2021

The Jerusalem Light-rail is one of Israel’s many convenient public transport options.

Hebrew-  רכבת קלה ירושלים

jerusalem light rail train
Light-rail route map

Unlike Haifa’s Carmelit underground funicular and subway service, the Jerusalem light train is above ground. The Light Rail is run by City-Pass.

The Light-rail route

The light rail’s route begins at Mt. Herzl, runs along Herzl Blvd., then along the suspension bridge towards the Central Bus Station, it then continues along the Jaffa Rd. pedestrian mall to Safra Square. From there it travels by the Old City walls, passing closely by Damascus Gate, it then continues through Road No. 1 towards the  French Hill Junction, across Shu’afat and terminates in the Pisgat Ze’ev neighborhood.

Purchasing tickets

There are various ticket options:

  1. A single fare ticket which enables one-time travel on the tram. This ticket is not limited to the date of purchase.
  2. The RavKav the multi-journey smartcard is used on all public transport systems in Israel, including the bus service. The Rav Kav can be purchased at all central bus stations.
  3. Your ride includes a transfer ticket – a 90 minute window wherein you can make an additional journey for the same fare.

Light-rail fares and discounts

As at July, 2018 light rail fares are:

Travel type Regular price NIS Eligible for a discount After discount
Single trip loaded onto Rav-Kav 5.9 Senior citizen, “extended student” 3
Single-trip paper ticket for a single Light Rail ride without a transfer 5.9
2-trip ticket 11.8 Senior citizen, “extended student” 5.9
10-trip ticket 47.2 Senior citizen / youth / “Extended” student 29.5
15-trip ticket National Insurance eligibility / student / disabled NIS 59
20-trip ticket 94.4 Senior citizen / youth / “Extended” student NIS 59
Blind Escort ticket – a paper ticket for a single trip, valid for the date of purchase only 3 A person accompanying a blind passenger on the Light Rail‎
Monthly pass Jerusalem area (Region 1) 213 Senior citizen 106.5
Weekly pass Jerusalem area (Region 1) 64 Senior citizen 32
Daily pass Jerusalem area (Region 1) 13.5 Senior citizen 6.5

Buying your Light-rail ticket

Tickets must be bought in advance before you board the light-rail. You can load your Rav Kav card or buy a single ticket from the automatic ticket machines located at each Light Rail station platform or from City-Pass service centers.  Using the Rav Kav entitles you to a 90 minute window to make an additional journey for the same fare.


People caught traveling without a validated ticket will be fined.

Operating hours

  • The Light Rail operates from Sundays through Thursday, at 05:50am and runs till midnight
  • On Friday and holiday eves the Light Rail starts at 5:30am.  The last train leaves Mt. Herzl at 14:46
  • On Saturday nights the service begins at 18:18pm to midnight


Depending on the time of the day the Light Rails runs approximately every 6 minutes and up to every 15 minutes.

Travel tips

  • Children’s prams may be brought onto the train at no extra charge.
  • Only folding bicycles, inside a suitable bag, may be brought onto the train.
  • Dogs have to be held on the lap of their owners, or in their arms.  They have to be muzzled and leashed.
  • Blind passengers are entitled to bring their guide dogs
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