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Must Have Apps for Israel

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Last Updated on September 19, 2021

Must Have Apps for Israel

There are many, many apps for Israel both for android and iPhone.  Some are better than others, but here are some you cannot live without.

Transport Apps


Probably the most popular of all traffic and navigation apps, WAZE is a free, GPS based app for your smartphone or tablet.  Share your route and track your buddies to coordinate your arrival times.  Get real time traffic and road info.

Waze will soon be adding more obscure and lesser-known sites to its maps as part of an initiative by the Ministry for the Development of the Negev and Galilee, which seeks to popularize tourist attractions these regions.  The Ministry’s logo will appear on the Waze map whenever a driver comes close to one of hundreds of attractions and hidden sites including; Jewish heritage sites, historical sites, militarily important


There are many similar public transport information apps but EFOBUS (Heb: Where’s the bus) is user proven to give the most accurate bus information.


GetTaxi, now called Gett, on android and iPhone, allows you to hail a cab.  Payment is via your credit card.  A loyalty program gives you points which go towards added benefits and services.


Moovit is another public transport tracking app.  It lets you compare transit options (bus, trains and other public transport) and see detailed directions all the way to your destination.  The app also allows you to submit user reports.


A great parking app (pay and go).  Not only can you pay for street parking with this app, you can also use it to pay in some parking lots.  You can use it to pay for your fuel at Sonol gas stations, and there are reduced rates at certain car-wash facilities.  Available on iPhone and android.

Cellopark and Parko are two other parking apps you might want to consider.

Israel Railways

must have for train commuters.  With quick and easy access to train and platform information, routes and timetables.


Haifa residents who are commuting from the Central Carmel (closest to the Bahai Terraces and most hotels) to Midtown and Downtown definitely need this app for Haifa’s much loved Carmelit underground rail system.

Similarly, the Jerusalem Light Rail app will give you all the information you need for Light Rail info in our capital city.

Rav Kav

The Rav-Kav multi-ticket smart card is the only way for passengers to take advantage of reduced public transport rates.  Purchase and top-up contracts with your credit card anywhere, anytime.  Remember to remove any cover on your phone for the card reader to work.

TikTak Egged Taxi

Egged’s new TikTak tax taxi transport service travels on a pre-arranged route according to the passengers’ required destination.

Banking & Postal Apps

Every major bank in Israel has an app that allows you to  access and manage your banking; Bank Leumi, Bank HaPoalim, Discount Bank, Mercantile Bank, Mizrahi Tifahot, First International Bank, Bank Yahav, Union Bank are just some.

Payment transfers can also be donner via Pepper (Bank Leumi), Bit and PayBox.

Israel Postal app offers allows you to track your parcels and deliveries as well as all the usual postal services.  can’t stand the queues? You can make an appointment at the post office ahead of time as well.

Medical Apps

Health Funds

The four Health Funds; Maccabi, Clalit, Leumit and Meuhedet all offer apps that allow you to manage your medical file online.

Speak directly to a doctor via a different Clalit or Leumit app.


Ramzor is another app you should download.  With this app you can access your Green Pass – certificate of vaccination or recovery.

News Apps

All the major TV news channels and newspapers have apps (in Hebrew); N12, Hamal (Walla), Channel 13, Ynet, Israel Hayom and Maariv. 

The JPost app offers latest news in English.

Israel News – English News & Newspaper app offer highlights of Israel news from multiple local and international sources.

Is there an app you’re using that has made your Aliyah or relocation easier? Share details in the comments section below.

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  1. There’s a huge gap in Israel for Anglos with hearing loss. In the states, landlines and TV have English language transcriptions and captioning. There are also smart phone apps which transcribe phone calls in English. To my knowledge, there is NO accommodation for Anglos with hearing loss in Israel. This makes it much more difficult for those individuals to engage and keep themselves safe too.


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