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Israel TransportThe New Haifa Metronit continues to Bat Galim - Line 4 Transport...

The New Haifa Metronit continues to Bat Galim – Line 4 Transport Service – Now operational!

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Last Updated on June 27, 2022

The Haifa Metronit Bus Transport Service

Hebrew: המטרונית בחיפה

metronitThe first bi-articulated buses used on the Metronit commenced operation on 1st August, 2013 in Haifa and surrounding satellite towns; Tirat HaCarmel, the Krayot and soon, Nesher. Metronit articulated buses run regularly and up to every 6 minutes during peak hours.

There are ninety vehicles in the fleet. Each bus has place for 120 – 140 passengers. Special raised platforms make entering and alighting much easier. Tickets can be purchased at any of the electronic ticketing machines across Haifa and at central bus stations and operate in accordance with the RavKav smart, multi-ride transport card.  You cannot purchase a ticket from the driver.

Metronit Routes in Haifa and Surrounds

As of May 13th, 2022 the Metronit operates 4 different lines in the greater Haifa metropolitan area.

  1. Line 1 leaves from Merkazit Ha-Krayot and continues along Rd. 4, Sderot HaHistadrut, the lower city of Haifa to Merkazit Hof Ha-Karmel. The line operates the entire week, including Friday and Saturday
  2. Line 2 starts at Kiryat Ata then travels along Sderot Ha-Histadrut (checkpost), downtown Haifa and then finally continues to Bat Galim; the Rambam Health Care Campus and then finally to Bat Galim Central Station.
  3. Line 3 travels from Merkazit Ha-Krayot and continues to Hadar via Kiryat Yam and Kiryat Haim.
  4. The new Line 4 starts at Merkazit Hof HaCarmel, passes the Haifa Mall, enters the tunnel toll road, travels onto the Grand Canyon, Merkazit Hamifratz, Hotzot Hamifrats and then onto the Krayot and finally ending at Merkazit HaKrayot.  The route is 21km long.

A fifth Metronit line, from Haifa to Nesher, is nearing completion.

We have been unable to locate an up-to-date route map but when we do we will update this article.

Map of Metronit routes
Metronit routes; Lines 1, 2 and 3

Tickets & Fares

The Metronit ticket uses the Rav Kav ticketing system. When purchasing a ticket with a Rav Kav, your Metronit ticket is validated for 90 minutes and within this time frame you can travel back and forth on the same ticket either on the Metronit or Egged bus or with other transport operators that have opted into the Rav Kav arrangement (not the railway service).

You can load your Rav Kav to the value of NIS 30, NIS 50, NIS 100, NIS 150 and NIS 200 – known as a “Stored Value’. The Stored Value arrangement can be used for any ride you need to make throughout the Haifa Metropolitan Area and it allows free travel and transfer for 90 minutes on the Metronit, bus and Carmelit.

You can also purchase a monthly Haifa season ticket (213NIS) which allows you unlimited rides on buses, Metronit, Carmelit and the new Rachbalit (cable car from Merkazit Hamifratz – Technion – University of Haifa.

Buying your Metronit ticket online

Using your personalized Rav Kav (i.e. not the anonymous one which does not have your identifying photograph) you can load your Rav Kav ticket online, using your credit card.

Once you have made your purchase, you will get a confirmation. You must then proceed to your nearest Metronit station. Swipe the card through the machine to validate it.

While purchasing online is a very convenient option, please note that the website instructions are only in Hebrew.

Paying via an app

If you do not use the public transport system regularly, or do not wish to lay out money for a monthly season ticket or large stored value, then paying with one of the new transport apps is really convenient.  Simply, download an appropriate app (try HopOn RavPass, The Station or Moovit from the iStore or Playstore) and insert your credit card details. Upon boarding the bus, use the app to scan the QR code which is prominently displayed in the bus, and then select the required parameters.  Once you have validated the details, your credit card will be charged accordingly.  At the end of the month, you’ll receive a receipt by email.

The Rav Kav (Multiple Ticketing System)

rav kavThe Rav Kav is a pre-paid magnetic card introduced about 10 years ago to simplify multiple rides and to replace season tickets. It can be used on all routes and transport systems operating in cooperation with Metropoline.

Your first-time Rav Kav purchase can be made at central bus stations, train stations and some shopping malls.

When you purchase your Rav Kav for the first time, you need to have your teudat zehut (identity card) or some other identity document with you (that has a photograph). Once you have loaded your Rav Kav for the first time, you can use it on the bus or on the Metronit. You can also re-load your Rav Kav at any one the Metronit stops which all have a ticketing machine.

Your Rav Kav ride is valid for 90 minutes and you can enjoy multiple rides, during that time, for the cost of a single fare.

  • Pensioners, students, soldiers and the visually impaired are entitled to discounted rates

There are 5 zones in the greater Haifa Metronit transport system and ticket prices vary according to zone

  • The basic single fare for the Krayot zone is 5.50 ILS
  • The basic single fare for the Haifa zone 5.90 ILS
  • The basic single fare for the Rechasim, Yagur, Kfar Hasidim zone is 5.50 ILS.  The basic single fare for the Hoterim, Atlit and Neve Yam zone is 5.50 ILS
  • The basic single fare for the Tivon Yokneam zone is 5.50 ILS

Does the Metronit operate on the weekend?

  • The Red Line is fully operational on Friday and Saturday
  • Both the Blue Line and the Green Line services end on Friday afternoon and resume on Saturday evening after Shabbat (motzei shabbat).

Disabled friendly

The Metronit carriages accommodate the disabled, in accordance with a 2014 legislation.

Transport Tip

There are many fare combinations once you are going from zone to zone and the Metronit website suggests calling their information line at *8787 to get the precise information you require.

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