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EmploymentEmployee Rights & Labor Laws

Employee Rights & Labor Laws

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Last Updated on November 19, 2021

Employee Rights & Labor Laws in Israel

Hebrew: זכויות ודיני העבודה בישראל

By: Adv. Eyal Kimel

 employee rights

Israeli labor laws regulate all aspects of employment relations. Labor laws provide rights for workers and protect workers against the employers. Labor laws cover different aspects of labor rights including: employer-employee relations, freedom of association, labor agreements, regulating freedom of association, collective bargaining agreements and arrangements, employment contracts, strikes, labor disputes, employee severance and benefits.

Labor rights are also referred to as protective rights, rights that parties to a labor agreement cannot diminish. These laws set a minimum benchmark.

The Labor Court was established to handle labor related claims and disputes.  The labor laws stipulate that the Labor courts have exclusive jurisdiction to hear any work related disputes  so that conflicts can be clarified.

So, what are my rights?

The Right to a Minimum Wage

Workers in Israel are entitled to a minimum payment for their work. Labor laws stipulate that any person from 18 years of age, working  up to 186 hours per month is entitled to the minimum wage.

The Right to Timely Payment

Labor laws set the date for the payment of wages on a monthly basis.  Employers are obligated to pay their employees monthly wage no later than the ninth day of the following month. Late payment, beyond the 9th, is a violation of the employees rights  and the employee is then entitled to compensation in this regard.

The Right to a Labor Agreement

According to labor law, an employees shall receive a written confirmation (contract) stating the terms of their employment within 30 days of commencing employment.  This confirmation must include the date of commencement of work, the main function of the employee, their job description, the name of their immediate superior, salary details, working hours, holidays, other benefits like pension contributions and the duration of  employment if their is a specific start and end date.

The Right to Recuperation /Rehabilitation – Dmei Havraa

Israel Labor laws state that an employee who has worked for more than a year is entitled additional leave days from the employer called Dmei Havra’a – recuperation/rehabilitation. Employees are entitled to a minimum of five days of this additional special leave.  Should you not take advantage of these leave days, you are entitled to receive financial reimbursement. This is paid on a sliding scale and for example, in the seventh year of employment, an employee is entitled to seven recuperation days.

The Right to Overtime Hours

Labor laws stipulate that workers who work more than the prescribed number of hours are entitled to payment for each additional hour worked.

Workers who work 6 days a week, work 8 hours per day.
Workers who work 5 days a week, work 9 hours per day.

The working day of workers who work at least 2 hours which are regarded night hours (beyond 22:00)  is 7 hours.

Global Salary – Maskoret Globali

According to Israeli law there are only two conditions in which a global salary is permitted – maskoret globali

(1)     A personal trust position i.e senior management, CFOs, COOs etc.

(2)     An employee whose working hours are impossible to count or verify – for example traveling sale agents…

In other instances setting a global payment scheme is illegal

The Right to Vacation Days

Labor laws provide that Employees are entitled to annual leave. The amount of vacation days of detailed work law and is dependent on seniority and scope of the job. The law establishes a minimum quota; 10 working days if you work 9 hours, 5 days a week and 12 working days if your work 8 hours, 6 days a week.  As mentioned, with seniority you are entitle to more vacation days.  Extra vacation days may be negotiated in your contract of work.

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