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EmploymentIsrael Annual Vacation Law

Israel Annual Vacation Law

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Last Updated on October 1, 2021

Your Israel employment rights – vacation days

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By law, every employee, in Israel, is entitled to annual vacation days.

The number of vacation days is determined by the employee’s seniority in the workplace.

  • The minimum amount of annual vacation days is 12 if you work a 6-day week
  • You are entitled to 10 vacation days if you work a 5-day week.

The maximum number of vacation days for a single year is 28.

Extra vacation days can be negotiated into your contract of work.

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  1. Shalom
    I’ve been working in my current job for almost two years.
    I’m paid monthly but by the hour.

    How many vacation days per month am I entitled to?
    According to my payslips I usually get credited with a fraction of one day per month and not a full day.

    Is this correct?


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