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EmploymentHebrew English Translation of the Israeli Pay Slip or Salary Stub.

Hebrew English Translation of the Israeli Pay Slip or Salary Stub.

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Last Updated on November 5, 2021

Understand your monthly Israeli pay slip and learn Hebrew with our English translation.

Hebrew:  Tlush Maskoret – תלוש משכורת

Your pay slip/paystub may differ slightly in appearance from the example provided here but by law, all Israeli pay slips have to include specific information and have to be approved by the Israel Tax Authority.

israeli payslip salary slipYour employment rights

  1. An employer is obliged to provide his workers with a salary slip within a maximum of 9 days after receiving your actual wage.
  2. Failure to issue a detailed salary slip (as approved by the Israel Tax Authority) may entitle the employee to damages of up to NIS 5,000 per salary slip
  3. An employer who does not provide a pay slip, or one that does not include all the particulars specified in the law, is guilty of a criminal offense
  4. An employee has the right to submit a formal complaint to any employer who has violated his duty to provide a pay slip.

If your rights in the workplace have been violated, you can contact the Labor Law Enforcement Unit. Complaints can be made by voice mail.  Call  1-800-354-354 for details. You can also file a complaint by mail, fax and email.

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