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EmploymentGuidelines for an employment contract in Israel

Guidelines for an employment contract in Israel

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Last Updated on November 19, 2021

You employment contract for the Israel labor market.

employment contract israel

Is there a standard employment contract in Israel?

The answer is no.  No standard employment contract exists in Israel.  There are specific labor laws and worker’s rights that every employee is entitled to which include:

  • The right to a minimum wage
  • The right to timely payment
  • The right to a labor agreement
  • The tight to recuperation /rehabilitation  – Dmei Havraa
  • The right to overtime hours
  • The right to annual leave and vacation days
  • The right to a travel allowance and reimbursement

Written agreement vs a verbal agreement

While both a written and verbal agreement are legally binding, it is often difficult to prove a breach of contract or win a labor dispute if there is nothing written down.

What should be included in the work contract?

  • A clear job description
  • The date of commencement
  • Date of completion in the case of a temporary job or one with a specified time limit.
  • Notice period.  This can be as little as two weeks, often it is one month but it can also be more than that.
  • Salary
  • Additional benefits
  • Trial period; usually 3 months
  • Salary reviews
  • Working hours
  • Overtime expectations
  • Lunch breaks
  • Holidays and vacation days
  • Any other points that might be relevant to your job and level of seniority.

An English or Hebrew Contract?

Unless your employer has an English contract, your contract of work will be written in Hebrew.  It is up to you to ask a friend or labor expert to check the contract.

Secrecy Agreement

In certain industries employees may be asked to sign a secrecy agreement as well.  The secrecy agreement may restrict you from getting a job in a similar field at a later date.  The agreement may also include a clause that restricts you from starting your own business in a similar field.  Check this carefully as it can limit your options in the future.

Signing the Contract

Your employment contract should be signed within 30 days of commencing your new job.

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